Friday 20 September 2013

Ahava update #2, samples review

In my previous blog post, I mentioned that I was impressed with the Ahava daily moisturising cream. I am going to share more experiene on other Ahava products.

1. the Hand Cream - I got this handcream in one of the promotions in Causeway Bay where I had to like their Facebook page and in return, I get the handcream for free. It was a good experience and I enjoy using this cream a lot. It is moisturising but not giving me any sticky feeling. My hands are smoother and less 'winkles' after using it for a month. Will I buy it again? Maybe yes and maybe not, since I have loads of handcreams at the moment

2. All in one toners cleanser - This is a PR sample as well. I find the texture is a bit similar to the Clinique cream makeup-remover. However, I think this Ahava one is creamier and the cleansing power is a bit better. I am not quite into tissue-off cleanser and I personally think that there are still residues left overs after cleansing with water as I wiped my face with Bioderma for double cleansing.

Overall, I had a great experience with Ahava, I think I will try their body range soon to get a better picture of the products and a full experience of the brand.


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