Sunday, 30 June 2013

SOS skincare for sick days

I have been very sick these few days. My pores are enlarged and in a very unstable condition. I am sure you all have the same feeling as I do, I just want to have some sleep and would like to minimise the skincare I use. However, I cannot stand my skin anymore! I have to do something about it.

I have decided to spare 15 minutes of my sleep to DIY a mask to resuce my skin.

These are the products that I have chosen.

First, I will use Bioderma to wipe my face. I am too lazy to wash my face now since I am very sick and dizzy. Bioderma can remove some of the dirts from my skin and make my skin feel refreshed.

Then I will use a toner with hydrating factor and cleansing property. Today I chose Glycel Enhance toner. I got this a couple weeks ago from my glycel facial. I am going to write about it later. 

When you pore our the toner, it is blue and with a oceana sent. It calms my skin and just woke my skin up :) So far I quite like this toner.

After wiping my skin with the toner, I would apply serum on my face. However I forgot to apply any today and went straight to the gel part.

This hydrating gel is by Base Formula. They have recently launched the Hong Kong site. Go and check them out! Their products are very great with a decent price. their official website is:

(I will be doing a better review on the products when I get better!)

 I normally massage a thin layer of the gel onto the skin first, then apply a thicker layer as a base mask. Since I need a quick pump up the skin, I just apply a thick layer onto my skin and go to the next step.

I also purchased this Chamoile Water from Base Formula website. I bought the compressed paper mask from TaoBao. 

The masks are stored in this little container (from TaoBao as well). The following video illustrate how the mask get bigger and turn into a face mask.

Apply the mask for 15 minutes and then remove it. Rinse off excess gel and your skin will be pampered. After you cleanse your face, you should apply your daily skincare on as well :)

Since I am still in the recovery stage, hope this quick update can help you all to restore your skin during illness.

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