Wednesday 5 June 2013

Review: Milk Moisture Mask

I got this mask from Sasa and I think it is a Korean brand. I find this one is quite interesting and would like to try it. 

The packaging is full of Korean and I don't understand. At the back of the mask package, there are pictures illustrating how to apply the mask.

The mask is a thick fibre mask. I don't really like it because I think there aren't enough essence on the paper mask. It dried 5 minutes after I have applied onto my skin. However, I think the mask is quite fit to my face shape.

I paid about $10 for the mask. Fitting my face shape mask cannot gain my love to it as I want my skin to be pampered and hydrated after applying this mask. I was expecting that my skin would look brighter and moisturised after applying it. However, nothing happened to my skin at all before and after. I think I will give this mask a miss and investigate on new masks with other brands.

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