Saturday, 15 June 2013

Review: Bourjois Cream Blush

If you read my posts before, you would know that I wanted to try the Cream Blush by Bourjois

I got the shade in 2. It cost $120 in Hong Kong.

It is very pigmented. This colour is very suitable for summer. After I have applied this blush, I feel like I have been out in the sun for a while and got a bit tanned. 

However, I find it quite sticky after application. I have to pad a thin layer of powder after applying this blush on the cheeks. I have also used it for contouring and I love it.

Although it can be found in Hong Kong, I think it has been overpriced (compare to the price in UK). Overall, I am satisfied with this product and it will be one of my go-to blush during summer time for sure.

Have you tried the new cream blush from Burjois? How do you feel about this product?



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