Tuesday 14 May 2013

Random Things that I acquire recently

I have been hauling quite a few stuff after my ban that I think I am spending massively and uncontrollable..

Mini-haul at Choi Fung Hong

In this post, I will be sharing random bits that I have hauled in the past 10 days.
As you know I have a big powder foundation by Chacott powder, I would like to deport some of the powder into a tinier pot to store at home as I always make the large tube very messy at home while I am in a hurry to go to work. I think this will be more handy and create less hesitation while I powder my face in a hurry.

This was recommended by Jen. I am a newbie into contact lenses and Jen recommended this for me to have while my contact lenses are drying out.

I had a nice experience in Aesop as well. The sales there are very nice and willing to help you when you needed. Aesop is a brand that Jess from hakmebeauty loves and she highly recommends me to use the oil-free hydrating serum. I haven't bought that yet because I would like to do more research on that serum before I purchase.
Instead, I bought the Body Cleanser. The sales person recommended this to me because it is good for back acnes. I have used it for about a week now and I quite like the effect. I will write a blog post on it after a few more trial.

Aesop is an Australian brand which the selling point is natural products. I like the idea of mix and match of different products, on the other hand, it means that you have to purchase quite a few other products in order to mix and match~~

My Estee Lauder brush cleaner is nearly coming to the end. I bought a MAC one just to see whether the MAC one does a better job or not.

I also hauled some Bicelle products.
復修DNA生長因子精華 復修DNA細胞精華
These two are the DNA renewal serum. I am doing a comparison between these two products with the Estee Lauder ANR that I did a blog post about a month ago. So far these two products do an OKAY job to my skin.
3D 抗氧保濕面膜
Bicelle Bio-cellulose Hydrating mask
To be honest, I think these masks are on the pricer range.... I have to use them all up and give a full review on this product.

These are the products that I have been hauling recently... Quite a lot.. have to use up quicker in order to purchase more. I think I will be on a ban again pretty soon as I cannot finish all these products!


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