Saturday 11 May 2013

Mini Haul at Choi Fung Hong, a local beauty shop in Hong Kong

Choi Fung Hong is a beauty shop that was established in 1995 in Hong Kong. The products there are famous for cheap with high quality. I have never bought anything from this shop before but my friends are a big fan of this brand.

There are different lines of products, ranging from facial care, men, women, shampoo, conditioner, bath products and also cosmetics.

I was going to haul something for my beauty swapper from Canada and she highly recommends products from this brand that she would like to get some for her swap as well. Therefore I decided to give this brand a try and bough a few of the items.

1. A3718-0005 Joseristine Cucumber Moisturizer Eye Mask
My friends highly recommend this product. They said that it mositurises the under eye area very well and reduce the puffiness.

The cashew-shaped mask helps to cover the under-eye areas thoroughly. The mask is rich in cucumer extract and sodium hyaluronate, which improve dark circles, replenish skin around eyes with moisture, smooth fine lines, and turn your eyes to be more charming.

Main ingredients: Sodium-hyaluronate, cucumber extract, glycerin
Ingredients: Aqua, Propylene glycerol, carbomer, glycerin, triethanolamine, methylparaben, sodium hyaluronate, pathenol, Cl 19140, fragrance, Cl42090, cucumis satvus (cucumber) fruit extract

Usage: Spread the masks evenly under your eye areas after cleansing. eave them on for 10-15 minutes and then peel off. Massage gently until remaining essence is fully absorbed. For better result, use 2-3 times a week as needed.

2. Joseristine Apple Stem Cells Anti-aging mask (left), Alp Rose Stem Cell Q10 Repairing mask (Right) 
 These two masks are on the pricer end of masks. I have high expectation on these. They are $25 each (normally for My Beauty Diary masks, it's about $5 each). I hope that they do well on your skin

Apple stem cells anti-aging mask
It contains rich apple stem cells and natural extract from apple which has repair and anti-aging properties, which can get into the foundation of your skin, brightens it up and reduce fine lines. It contains Vitamins B5 as well which can hydrolyse your skin.

Ingredients: Phytocelltec, Apple Extract, Phodiola Sacra Root Extract, Dandelion Extract, Pearl Extract

Usage: Spread the mask evenly onto your skin afer cleansing. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes and then peel off. Massage to smooth any remaining essence into the skin or rinse with water. For better result, use 2-3 time a week as needed. Each mask is designed for one application only and is not reusable.

 3. A assorted mask pack (contains 10+2 masks)
I find this packaged like a beauty box where there are different masks in the box. I was surprised to see so many extras in the box.

 These are the 12 masks that I bought. They ranges in different lines in the brand.

C.L. Royal Jelly Vitamin A, C, E mask

Ki Milky Essence Paper mask
Ki Brightening Freckles Facial Mask
Ki Collagen Concentrate Paper Mask
Joseristine Collagen Hydration Paper Mask
Beautiella Nano Platinum Placenta Series Nano Platnium Placenta Mask
Lum Lum Addict Pearl & Grapefruit Brightening Paper Mask
Lum Lum Addict Q10 & Peach Repairing Paper Mask
Lum Lum Addict Apple & Witch Hazel Extract Purifying Paper Mask
Lum Lum Addict Rose Water Hydro-smoothing Paper Mask

I think I will give these to my friend as I don't have acne.
Ki Aloe-Vera Chamomile Paper Mask
Joseristine Anti-Acne Pimple paper mask

 These are the extras in the box.
They include:
Joseristine Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Cleansing Gel 3 in 1 (Make-up remover, cleanser, tonic)
JimmBenny Milk + Honey smoothing Whitening Cream
Joseristine Apple Stem Cells Anti-aging Serum
Joseristine Ginger Lily shower gel

These are the hair clippers that I got in the box as well. It clips the hair from falling while you cleanse your face or do your makeup :)

These are all the free gifts for purchasing in Choi Fung Hong

I have bought quite a few stuff and very excited to try them out! have you bought anything from Choi Fung Hong? What is your experience? What are your favourite products?


  1. I also caved into the craze of Choi Fung Hong once before and got a few items, their products seem to be very effective but you know...a beauty addict just cannot stay loyal to one product :P...

    1. Yeah, I understand. It is very hard ESP u have a large stash to go too. What kind of products have u tried?

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