Friday 31 May 2013

May empties: What I have used up this month

I am not very good at doing the clearing this month. I have been trying so hard to finish my Shiseido Skincare but it is a fail again. I have been using it for nearly half a year and I am only half way through... This month I have managed to use some other smaller samples.
Estee Lauder Double Wear Zero-Smudge Volume + Lift mascara
This is a smaple size. I don't like the formula, it masks marscara really hard to taken off and the texture is like glue after applying it. I would not repurchase a full size

Shiseido Benefience toner (and lotion, but I have lost the bottle)
This is the sample size of what I am using at the moment. I managed to finish this in 2 weeks time.. Phew~ 
I love it and will continue to use it. It is not too sticky for summer and provide good hydration to the skin

Cotton puff that I purchased in Japan
I thought this one can be used as lotion mask. But it cannot. It does an Okay job as cotton pads. I have not got high expectations of cotton pads so I think it is worth the money with the amount you get. I think it's something like $30 HKD for 248 pads.

This is my little summary of what I have used up. Please like your used up posts or videos below. I enjoy reading/watching them!


  1. There are so many little sample in sasa i want to buy, the estee lauder mascara is one of the items I want to buy… thanks gor telling me that it is not good ;) ;)

    1. I personally think that little samples are good as you can save up a bit :)

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