Sunday, 5 May 2013

A bit of a personal life update in April

April has been a very very busy month for me. I have decided to share more posts on my blog and squeeze time out to try out other products (get back a life from a busy working environment)

At the beginning of the month, I went to Macau, I have written everything I did in Macau on my blog earlier last month. To check them back, you can search MACAU in my blog.

This is a Maybelline gift after doing a Maybelline survey on skincare and makeup product preference.

The makeup seems to be Japanese Line. I enjoy using it. It is good for night out or prom makeup :) I enjoy using Gold in this season of the year~~

In Mid April, I had a meet up with two of the beauty bloggers in Hong Kong. They are Jacq, Jen and Hakme. My phone died so I didn't take any photos with them. However, you can read from their posts to see how serious it went.

Jacq's post on our meetup: 100 Day Spending Ba Week 3 Update
 Jen's post on our meetup: April bits and bobs
Hakme's post on our meetup: 100-day-spending-ban-update-week-12

After the swap, it is what I've swapped in! More sheet masks :) yahhhhh

In Hong Kong, there's a new website . They are doing a series of free boxes when you do a review and post makeup look/haul on the website. I am privileged to get the first box

This is what I got. I enjoy using the Garnier masks a lot. I think I will haul it when I finish my 50+ mask stock!

In general, it was a 'beauty' month for me~ Quite a lot of time to escape from the high pressure from work.

It is a brief update of my life. Do you like something like that? Should I do it monthly?


  1. such a nice wrap up for April! :) u should consider doing if monthly heeee

  2. heheee i will try my best, Jen~~


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