Friday, 31 May 2013

May empties: What I have used up this month

I am not very good at doing the clearing this month. I have been trying so hard to finish my Shiseido Skincare but it is a fail again. I have been using it for nearly half a year and I am only half way through... This month I have managed to use some other smaller samples.
Estee Lauder Double Wear Zero-Smudge Volume + Lift mascara
This is a smaple size. I don't like the formula, it masks marscara really hard to taken off and the texture is like glue after applying it. I would not repurchase a full size

Shiseido Benefience toner (and lotion, but I have lost the bottle)
This is the sample size of what I am using at the moment. I managed to finish this in 2 weeks time.. Phew~ 
I love it and will continue to use it. It is not too sticky for summer and provide good hydration to the skin

Cotton puff that I purchased in Japan
I thought this one can be used as lotion mask. But it cannot. It does an Okay job as cotton pads. I have not got high expectations of cotton pads so I think it is worth the money with the amount you get. I think it's something like $30 HKD for 248 pads.

This is my little summary of what I have used up. Please like your used up posts or videos below. I enjoy reading/watching them!

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Another haul?!?!: Sofina Skincare from Yata Sale

Last weekend was the bi-annual Yata Sale and I went there due to heavy raining outside. I wasn't planned to go because I don't feel like the promotion was attractive at all.

The skincare sets were similar to the ones in SOGO. I was going to buy from SOFINA during SOGO sale, however, I have acquired the Burberry foundation set which was a big treat for myself. I decided to give Sofina a miss (another reason is because Sofina is a drugstore brand in Japan but marked up to become high-end in HK). 

But then if I don't buy the sets now, I will have to wait until November for the next sale in order to get it. 
If you know me well, I am a great lover of hakmebeauty, her reviews are quite neutral and we share similar skin type.

She mentioned about the foaming cleanser in one of the blog posts before (here), and I would like to try more Sofina products as I think their products suit my skin quite well for summer use. I had an review on their sample size products.

Enough rambling. Let's see what I have purchased.

1. Sofina cleansing and sun protection set $474
Sofina beaute cushion wash 120g
SOFINA beaute Massage Foam Cleanser 170g
Sofina beaute whitening day protector SPF 50 PA+++

2. Sofina beaute anti-aging sun production cleansing and serum set $760
Sofina beaute cushion wash 120g
Sofina beaute toner 140g
Sofina beaute Whitening Day Protector SPF50+ PA+++ 32ml
Sofina beaute cleansing milk 30ml
Sofina Alblanc moisture whitening serum 30ml

3. Sofina beaute antiaging whitening and sun proection set $200 (with credit card)
Perfect UV Sunscreen SPF 50 60ml
Sample size of Sofina beaute whitening travel size samples and a cleanser

Then I purchased a night gel-cream on its own, it has 10% off, after discount is $270

A total of $1700, and I get a bonus gift:

Alblanc Medicaed White create concentrate mask
Sofina beaute whitening travel set

The below is the overview of all the products purchased

I think I have enough stuff to entertain for this summer.
My aim is to:
1. Prevent freckles
2. Do not get darker skin tone
3. loose some weight
4. do more exercises

My other recent hauls:
Random Things that I acquired recently
Mini haul at Choi Fung Hong

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Review: Aesop Coriander Seed Body Cleanser

This is my first Aesop Product in my collection. Aesop is an Australian natural beauty products. Their skincare and body care are very famous.

I couldn't wait to try this. I have been using it for about a month and I have used about half of it. I think it is a good time to review this product.

"A Refresjing hand and body cleanser wit a piquant scent to enliven the spirit as it cleanses the skin. THis gel contains essential oils of crushed Coriander Seeds and Black Peppercorns to warm and invigorate."

Water, sodium laureth sulfate, coco-beetaine, cocamide DEA, Coriandrum sativum (Coriander) seed oil, piper nigum (black pepper) fruit oil, sea salt, citric acid, pogostemon cablin oil, methylchloroisothiazolinone, methylisothiazolinone, linalool, d-limonene.

The shower gel has a very strong pepper scent. At first I didn't really like it because I don't like the smell of pepper. However I start to loving it now, because I can fell the skin is getting better, and also my acne on my back is lesser. The gel like texture does not give a lot of foam, and it is very soft after applying the skin. After rinsing your body, the pepper scent is almost gone, leaving the body very cleansed and pampered.

There are two sizes, the one I got is a smaller version.

Price: 250ml ($175); 500ml ($350)

Will I repurchase again?
I think I will repurchase again if I cannot find an alternative. However I think it is a bit pricey for shower gel.

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Blog sale - 25/5/2013

Additional $5 for local postage (no tracking) (Hong Kong), for international postage, it is an additional charge according to where you are and how heavy it is.

Estee Lauder Idealist Pore Minimizer Serum - $400
95% new

Lonely Q10 makeup base - $70
95% new

Kose Infinity Toner - $300
Kose Infinity Cream - $300
Combo - $550 
100% New

Etude House Baking Powder Cleansing Lotion - $70
95% new

Revlon Photoready Airbrush - $50
pumped once for colour testing - 99% new

Estee Lauder CyberWhite Brilliate Cells - $400
100% new

Elemis Pro-collagen Marine Cream - $450
100% new

Avene Eau Thermale 300ml - $70
100% new

Malani Baked bronzer - $60
Used three times

Wet n Wild 738 Comfort Zone - $30
100% new

Wet and Wild 736 Pestal Pasture - $30
Swathed Eyelid colour

Physican Formula Healthy Booster blush - $70
Used once

Canmake Concealer - $50
swatched once

Canmake Gel eyeliner in Black - $50
100% New

Canmake Concealer Foundation - $60
Swatched once - 97% new

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion - $80 each
Combo - $140 
100% New

Canmake Nose Shadow Powder - $70
100% New
Canmake Gradient Shadow - $70
100% New

Chanel no.78 lipstick - $150
Swatched twice

Maybelline eyeshadow - $50
Swatched once

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Another haul: Sogo Thankful Week + Facess

Recently I have been hauling excessively that I cannot stop myself. I think I should go on spending ban again to clear the stash.

Random Things that I acquired recently
Mini haul at Choi Fung Hong

One of the most exciting part of being in Hong Kong is the bi-yearly Sogo Thankful Week sale, where all the brands are having big discounts and lots of people shopping there.

Haul from last November

When I looked at the promotion material, I wasn't very interested in the products. The sets are not that appealing into my eyes. I thought I would give it a miss. However, I went on Friday to Tsim Sha Tsui Branch, I was in love with the Burberry set. However, the set was a bit pricer and out of my budget. I tried so hard to find other alternatives. Sofina is one of the brands that is on my list.

I went to Causeway Bay branch (the largest branch) yesterday and looked at other beauty brands. Nothing really caught up my mind. Shu Uemura set is ok but I don't like their foundation formula. Sofina is having a long queue and there aren't sets with their foundation. Kanebo was on my list as well, but the gift is a large cleansing oil. I have enough cleansing products and would not want to add more into my collection at the moment.

Finally, I decided to give myself a break from Sogo. I went to Lane Crawford where there is Giorgio Armani beauty counter. I tried their mastero foundation. Awwww nothing compared to the Burberry one... Damm.. It caught up all the dry patches on my face. The texture is smooth but not as nice as Burberry one...

Then I headed back to the counter in Sogo. I have asked the sales at the counter to put some foundation on. My mum and I touched the face and we both agreed that the finish of Burberry is much better than GA's one. In addition, the Mastero foundation is too expensive. $630. With the price, I can buy the foundation and the makeup base (total of $680).

We decided to get the Base set by Burberry.
Long story and let's see what I've got

When purchased more than $1600, you get a free cosmetics bag or a large tote bag.
My friend and I got two sets and therefore we have this bag.

All the products in the box~ yahhh

$980 for the following items:
Fresh Glow make up base
Sheer Foundation or Velvet Foundation
Sheer powder
Burberry beauty powder brush
Mini Lip Velvet lipstick

When you purchase anything, you can add $320 for a blush. I cannot resist in their gorgeous colour. I got a blush as well ;)

This is everything in their packaging.

The brush is very soft and I think it is suitable for putting blush as well

Fresh Glow Lumious Fluid Base
This is a hydrating base. I really like the pump as I can manage how much products I would like to have each time easily :)

Sheer Foundation Trench No.1
This is the lightest shade in the collection and suits my skin very well. I am a NC15 person and it is very hard  to find a foundation that matches my skin exactly. At counters, the Beauty Ambassadors always match my skin to very yellow, which makes my look like very dull and tired. I am very happy that I can find something that matches my skin perfectly.

The base and the foundation
Both packageing are the same. I wonder how I can distinguish the two without looking at the bottom of the tube.
There are two ways to apply this foundation.
1. Base then foundation
This will give more coverage to the skin and looks that you have applied foundation
2. Base mix with foundation
It provides a little coverage, it covers the enlarged pores and some dark spots, moisturises the skin and looks like you have put a coloured cream on. The foundation is so light weight that you can hardly feel anything. I preferred this method more

Sheer powder in No.3 Porcelain
 It is a press powder. We didn't get to choose the colour.
I really like the design of the velvet, where there is a small flat brush to top up the makeup when you are out.

Light Glow blush in No.4 Peony 
This is a nice gorgeous pink which shows a very natural glow on the skin. It is perfect if you have light makeup and want to look more awaked

 Velvet lipstick in No.3 Cameo Pink
It is very handy to pop into the handbag :)

Overall picture of what I've got

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