Wednesday, 24 April 2013

What's in my makeup bag?

This is a Cath Kidston bag that I got in UK. It is the right size for putting all my make up in ;)

A overview of my makeup bag

This mirror is one of the gifts from MTR Mall (Malls that link to metro stations). This mirror is pretty but I don't think it serve the function of mirror well. I am looking for a small size mirror to replace it 

Elf Makeup remover pen
This is useful to remove the makeup which has fallen throughout the day under the eye area. I have used it for while now and it is running out.

Chasty makeup brush with Charlott loose powder.
You can find them in my Okinawa Haul
I use it to touch up my makeup everyday :)

Kate eyeshadow pallet
From the amount of products left, you are very sure how loving for me to this product.
The colours are wearable and suitable for everyday use

 Lip balm by Nivea
I cannot find this formula anywhere but in UK. It is very hydrating and lips wont flake after applying it.
It leaves a boost up lips finish after applying this product

 Dolly Wink mascara

Blotting paper from Kyoto
I really like this blotting paper because it has some powder on every sheet of blotting paper. Those powder kind of help setting some of the flaking makeup back into the skin

 Lancome Juicy tube ;)

Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner

Shu Uemura lipstick
I have forgotten how many years I have owned this lip products. Just found it during 100 day spend and I think I should use it up!
However, it is a bit drying for my lips :(

NYX blush in Peach
This is my go to blush everyday as it gives me a nice and glow, not heavy makeup look

What is in your everyday makeup bag? Please comment below or link me to your blog post. I would really like to see what others have in their makeup bag :)


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