Thursday 25 April 2013

Review: Bee-tox? An eye serum that Kate Middleton likes?

Review: Mask House Celebrity Bee-tox Elite Eye Serum

This Celebrity eye serum was from one of the beauty boxes months ago (I think it's in Dec or Jan) and I didn't have much chance in using it.

Mask House is a brand that I would like to try because I heard hypes about the products from this brand.

It contains many various enzymes – royal sculpted power and deluxe glowing essence, and all dimensionally defeats the various signs of skin aging around eyes. One single filler of the serum improves regeneration capacity of eye muscle and develops natural barrier for defend. Then your fibrous tissue will be improved and back to elastic. Continued use of the product can activate blood circulation system, reduce the ocular melanin formation. In 1 Week, it effectively helps rewind the visible signs of aging, which include dark circles, eye wrinkle, and puffiness - three main problems, and regain your youthful eyes. 
The packaging was good and teaches you how to use it. 

I really like the pump idea that each dose has a mark. It pumps the right amount for you each time to make your face with extra care.

Thoughts about this serum:
I really like the packaging and that is is hygienic (you don't need to touch the products). However I don't like the texture of the product. It is very liquidy and leave my eye area feeling wired after applying. It feels like saliva like and I can feel my eye area is drying after applying this product.

Will I repurchase again?
No. And I don't feel that this product is worth the hype for the amount of money you pay for (If I am not wrong, it costs about HKD200 for a treatment (28 days)).

Do you like this serum? Have I used it incorrectly so that I hate it? Please share your comment on this product.


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