Tuesday, 2 April 2013

My beauty diary: Oceania Firming Pack

This mask is one of the two steps masks that My Beauty Diary launched in late 2012. There are different 'functions' of the mask, including whitening,  firming, moisturising in the series and they are named after the continents.

This mask is the Oceania Firming Pack
The sheet mask is packed in two parts, one is the mask itself and the other half is the moisturising cream. This is very hygienic and good to use :)

At the back of the sheet mask, it says which part is step 1 and 2 and have illustrations on how to use the mask. 

Step 1: Glasswort Hydrating Mask.
This mask can help the skin to recover from tirness, loose, dry condition by pumping water and firms the skin.

There are two layers, The bottom later is the pearl sheet and the top layer is the actual mask. The mask itself is quite thin and ties the face quite well. At the side of the sheets where my chin is, the wrapping is not that close to the face. It might be because my face is a bit long and thin.

After cleansing my face, I pop this mask on my face for about 20 minutes. After the mask, I feel that the skin is smoother and much hydrated. The dry flakes are gone.

Step 2: Marine Firming Cream
The cream is adequate for 2 uses I think and it is a gel like formula rather than a cream. The texture is quite cool. It absorbs into the skin quite nicely. I think this gel-cream is good for summer time (as I think it might not be moisturize enough for my dry skins in winter).

I have never used My Beauty Diary's masks for ages as I didn't find it useful when I last used them and I had some allergic reactions to it. I retry this new series and I completely fell in love with it. I will try the other masks and see whether it is as good as this one. I am going to repurchase this as I think that the effect is good and it is not pricy at all.

I highly recommend this to you all. In Hong Kong I think the price is $60 for 8 sheets of masks, which is a good deal!

If you are living abroad, Sasa sells the product and currently is doing 25% off when you purchase 2 or more packs!! Let's hydrate our skin together :)

I have been trying a lot of different masks and will have more reviews coming up in the near future. Please suggest what kind of masks your would like me to try if you are interested :)

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