Thursday 4 April 2013

Macau - Rua da Felicidade

Rua da Felicidade is one of the oldest streets in Macau. It is full of very traditional look of Macau.

The street looks like this. It is very typical, where the shop is at the front and at the back, it is the owner's house. It used to be lots of prostitutes around this area, but now, there are lots of souvenirs shops and restaurants. It is also known as "Souvenirs Street"

This is our first stop - to have congee.
This congee shop uses a very traditional pod  to cook congee. The meatballs were great! 
The opening hours of the shop is 7-11am and 7pm-11pm. It is a very tiny shop and lots of people come here for something to eat. You might have to wait outside of the shop for a while.

Next to it, there are loads of houses like this where people are still living in this neighborhood.

After having food, we went to this shop for some souvenirs. This shop is located the street next to Rua da Felicidade. I really like the almond cake (which is shown below) from this shop


Then we wander around Macau. Please stay tune for the next post, which is a cathedral in Macau, which is very Portuguese. 


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