Sunday 14 April 2013

Macau - Misc + travelling tips

Some Misc pictures and information about travelling in Macau
Handmade Egg noodles

Macau is very privileged. Parking time is 5 hours on the street and only cost $1 to park per hour. In Hong Kong, it is $2 per every 15 minutes and the maximum parking time is 2 hours before you have to top up again.

This drink tastes like orange more than margarine. But it's still good and only found in Macau.

I really like Macau as I find Free Wifi everywhere, even in open area. To find the hotspot, you can visit Wifi-Go official website.

Travelling around the city
There are different public transport, including trams, taxi and buses. There are shuttle bus in each hotel which drives visitors to various places. From place to place in the city, you can easily grab a taxi. The cost is quite low if you are travelling in 4. On average, each ride is about $50 and takes about 20 minutes from place to place.

Hope the information provided is useful to you. Feel free to leave me comments or send me emails if you have further questions regarding to travelling to Macau.


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