Monday, 8 April 2013

Macau - The House of Dancing Water

The Story Synopsis: 
The story begins in the coast of Coloane, a Fisherman travelling with his boat enjoys his journey. Suddenly, a mysterious energy from the water creates a terrible whirlpool, grabs the fisherman and pulls him to a place and a time of legends. Hec cannot realize what is happening at this very moment iwhin a lenghy time. He observes, lost and intrigued. When a storm brings a survivor from a shipwreck, a stranger to this magical kindom. The young brave stranger enconters and falls in love with a beautiful Princess who was thrown into a cage by her evil stepmother, the Dark Queen. WIthout hestiating, the Fisherman decides to help the stranger to fight against to the Dark Queen and rescue the Princess. WIth his help, the stranger and the Princess defeat the Dark Queen and the Fisherman obtains an unexpected reward.

 The stage at the beginning of the show.

 Water disappears suddenly and became land.


I was just amazed by the show so much. The performers are well trained. They could do gymnastic, ride the motor bike and swim. There were about 20 crews in the show but there were more than 50 casts.

The motorcycling bit was the part that I most worried about, since the motorcyclist did some dangerous moves, e.g. turn 360 degrees with they motor cycle.

Overall I enjoyed the show and I think it is worth the money. The area I got was in Zone A.

Zone A: $980
Zone B: 780
Zone C: 580

If you are travelling to Macau, YOU MUST GO AND WATCH THIS SHOW!!
I haven't regretted from watching this!
It was the highlight of the trip!

Have you been there? what are your thoughts?  


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