Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Officially end of the ban! Yeah! + empties during these 100 days

Yeah! My 100 days spending ban is finally over!

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I know I am not very good at keeping weekly update as other bloggers are, however, I have managed to keep the rules in my heart from not spending.

This post was originally going along with an unboxing video, which I was going to open my swap with an American Lady. But there were some problems with the posting and the delivery of the box is delayed :( Hopefully it will arrive soon!

Let's recall the rules.

Rules as follows are simple: 
1. DO not allow to buy anything on beauty or makeup or nail vanishes. IF something runs out e.g. my foundation stock is only half full, then buy when necessary. There are 50 USD allowance on that. I will keep track what I have purchased and make sure it is not exceeding this limit
2. Getting free samples to test on is not affected by this 100 Day ban. I am sure that everyone cannot resist to try something which is newly launched. Getting free samples is not a kind of purchase. So it is allowed.
3. Cannot ask others to buy you anything, which is listed above. This is cheating!!!!

Stuff that I am planning to finish
1. 1 set of skincare (toner, day and night cream)
2. All the little samples that I have at home (mostly 7ml size)
3. A base
4. 2-3 bottles of cleansers

Let's see what I have finished.
For 1. I have managed to finish a set (sample size only)
2. I couldn't finish the little samples as I have too many (and I have acquired a lot recently as well)
3. I have mixed the bases to finish them. Both of the bases are 30% left now :P
4. I have managed to finish them! Yeah!!

Overall, my result of the 100 day spend is not very successful, as I have over estimated the speed of clearing my stock. I think I will start another one soon to finish my stuff.

These two products are what I am going to throw them away because I don't like them.

1. Shiseido Aqua Label cleansing oil.
I have heard a lot of great reviews about this oil but it didn't work on my skin. It has been sitting in my toilet for quite a while now and I think it's time to say goodbye to it.

2. Kiehl's Ultra Facial Mositruiser with SPF 15
I used to love this cream a lot, however I found it less mositurising to my skin. I am not sure why, maybe the formula has changed. Again, it has been sitting in my toilet for about a year now, and I think I should throw tit into the bin.

3. Nivea Daily Essencials makeup removing wipes
It is the go-to makeup removing wipes of all time. I did a blog post on the makeup removers some time ago. I have finished 5-6 packs I think (or more than that).
I will definitely repurchase it!

4. Shiseido Aqua Label cleansing milk
To be honest, I think it does an Okay job to my skin. Will I repurchase? Maybe not!

5. Kiehls Yerba Mate Tea Gel-cream
Nothing much to comment on this. Didn't really like the texture and I used it as body lotion just to finish it. I think Kiehls no longer carries this line.

6. Kiehls Rare Earth Deep Pore cleanser
I think this is too drying to my skin and the cleansing power is not good enough. I can still see some clotted pores after applying this cleanser.
Will I repurchase again? Not at all!

7. Etude House Foaming pelling
I quite like the idea of foams and the cute packaging. Again, not cleansing enough.
Will I repurchase again? No.

8. Innisfree Apple Juice Foaming cleanser
I really like the apple smell and the cleansing power. It does not leave my skin very dry like other foams do. I have started using this for quite a while and I used it to clear my acnes. If you are interested, feel free to visit my previous post.

9. Evolve Organic beauty Gentle Cleansing melt
 This is supposed to be a dupe of the hot cloth cleanser. I don't like the texture and the finish to our face. I won't buy this again although it is cheap. It left my face very oily and caused breakouts.

10. Innisfree Eye/lip remover
 I have blogged about this before. If it is not too expensive in the new Innisfree shop, I think I will repurchase it again!

11. Shiseido Eye/lip remover
 This remover removes makeup very well and leaves the eye area very refreshed.
Will I repurchase again: Yes....

12. Eve Lom Cleanser
This is my holy grail cleanser. However I think the price of Eve Lom is not very friendly. I will blog about this cleanser later on. I just love the sense of freshness after cleansing and pampering my skin.
Will I repurchase again? Of coz without a doubt!

13 + 14. Kose Infinity toner + Lotion
I have blogged about these two skincare before. I will repurchase them when I have run out of all of my stock at home (2 still sitting in the drawer)

15. L'occitane shimmering body lotion
I really hate it. There are so many glitters in the lotion to create that grow on skin. The glitters are just everywhere and turned out to be a mess. The lotion wasn't hydrating enough. Luckily that it's just a sample that I got from swaps.

16. Ren Cleansing gel
This cleansing gel does not do anything amazing on my skin. I think with the price of a full sized product, I have more choices than choosing this one.

17. Bioderma cleansing water
This is my go-to cleansing water during day and night! I have already got 2-3 bottles stock up!

How do you think my clearing goes? Have you tried any similar products or have the same experience of my "no-no" products?

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Birthday Giveaway time! International Giftaway

It's my birthday next week and I am privileged to hold up a Giveaway. This giveaway is sponsered by Zinio.

Zinio has thousands of top magazines from around the world and you can browse and purchase subscriptions or single issues instantly from your computer or mobile device to read wherever and whenever you like. The magazines include: ALLURE, GLAMOUR, and COSMOPOLITAN.

To know more about Zinio?

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Zinio is very kind of offer 10 free subscriptions to my fellow readers. I am going to keep one subscription for myself and open 9 other subscriptions to other members.

To enter this giveaway is simple: just comment below:
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3. titles of the magazines that you would like to have as a gift
4. What kind of magazines you enjoy reading.

The end date of this giftaway will be on 14th May!

Good luck everyone!

There are some other offers from Zinio:

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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Review: Bee-tox? An eye serum that Kate Middleton likes?

Review: Mask House Celebrity Bee-tox Elite Eye Serum

This Celebrity eye serum was from one of the beauty boxes months ago (I think it's in Dec or Jan) and I didn't have much chance in using it.

Mask House is a brand that I would like to try because I heard hypes about the products from this brand.

It contains many various enzymes – royal sculpted power and deluxe glowing essence, and all dimensionally defeats the various signs of skin aging around eyes. One single filler of the serum improves regeneration capacity of eye muscle and develops natural barrier for defend. Then your fibrous tissue will be improved and back to elastic. Continued use of the product can activate blood circulation system, reduce the ocular melanin formation. In 1 Week, it effectively helps rewind the visible signs of aging, which include dark circles, eye wrinkle, and puffiness - three main problems, and regain your youthful eyes. 
The packaging was good and teaches you how to use it. 

I really like the pump idea that each dose has a mark. It pumps the right amount for you each time to make your face with extra care.

Thoughts about this serum:
I really like the packaging and that is is hygienic (you don't need to touch the products). However I don't like the texture of the product. It is very liquidy and leave my eye area feeling wired after applying. It feels like saliva like and I can feel my eye area is drying after applying this product.

Will I repurchase again?
No. And I don't feel that this product is worth the hype for the amount of money you pay for (If I am not wrong, it costs about HKD200 for a treatment (28 days)).

Do you like this serum? Have I used it incorrectly so that I hate it? Please share your comment on this product.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

What's in my makeup bag?

This is a Cath Kidston bag that I got in UK. It is the right size for putting all my make up in ;)

A overview of my makeup bag

This mirror is one of the gifts from MTR Mall (Malls that link to metro stations). This mirror is pretty but I don't think it serve the function of mirror well. I am looking for a small size mirror to replace it 

Elf Makeup remover pen
This is useful to remove the makeup which has fallen throughout the day under the eye area. I have used it for while now and it is running out.

Chasty makeup brush with Charlott loose powder.
You can find them in my Okinawa Haul
I use it to touch up my makeup everyday :)

Kate eyeshadow pallet
From the amount of products left, you are very sure how loving for me to this product.
The colours are wearable and suitable for everyday use

 Lip balm by Nivea
I cannot find this formula anywhere but in UK. It is very hydrating and lips wont flake after applying it.
It leaves a boost up lips finish after applying this product

 Dolly Wink mascara

Blotting paper from Kyoto
I really like this blotting paper because it has some powder on every sheet of blotting paper. Those powder kind of help setting some of the flaking makeup back into the skin

 Lancome Juicy tube ;)

Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner

Shu Uemura lipstick
I have forgotten how many years I have owned this lip products. Just found it during 100 day spend and I think I should use it up!
However, it is a bit drying for my lips :(

NYX blush in Peach
This is my go to blush everyday as it gives me a nice and glow, not heavy makeup look

What is in your everyday makeup bag? Please comment below or link me to your blog post. I would really like to see what others have in their makeup bag :)

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Review: Kose Pure Brightener Mask

This peel-off black whitening pack achieves a whitening effect by continuing to deliver active ingredients deep into the keratin layer while simultaneously removing keratotic plugs (comedo), melanin and old keratin that contribute to dark pores. 

Eliminates the causes of a dull complexion and maintains pure, white and clear translucency. Also contributes to smoother skin. Formulated with black nano-powder that readily disperses on the skin. It adheres closely, as if bonding with the skin, thanks to its excellent film-forming power, fast drying and airtightness. 

It soothes skin suffering from the effects of fatigue and contributes to comfortable firmness and even smoothness. Formulated with five Japanese and Chinese herbal extracts, including wormwood extract and goldthread extracts. 

This is first Seikisho product to incorporate these ingredients. Seikisho's refreshing fragrance contributes to comfortable, relaxing skin care.
This product is highly recommended by the famous TV show “WQueen”. 

It is a black gel like substance with some microfibres in it. When you rub the mask onto the skin, it will produce some heat and it is quite nice to pamper your skin.

You have to massage the gel onto your skin for about a min. And the black gel will turn into grey colour (as below). Then wash off with warm water. Your skin is pampered and brightens after the mask.

I personally quite like the idea of thermal when it touches your skin and does not leave your skin with a tight, drying feeling. However, I don't think it is not cleansing enough to my skin. I don't think I will repurchase this product again.

Friday, 19 April 2013

Hong Kong - Ocean Park Part 1

Ocean Park opened in 1977 in Wong Chuk Hang. It is a aquarium theme park and an amusement park. It was the world's 7th most popular theme park.

(This post contains mainly photos only)

This is a tunnel that newly built to go across the mountain to the other side of the park where all the roller coasters are.

 This is the train that takes us to the other side of the park.

 This is the new centre which opened in these few years.
The owl that's in Harry Potter (dreaming).. But he is very poliet and nice when we take photos.

 Penguins.. Again this is new! Inside is very cold. Penguins tends to swim to places where has light. I love them so much~ they are very cute~

Jelly Fish~ :)

Cable cars. This is what we learnt from primary school. You must go on cable cars when you are in Ocean Park!

Views from cable car~

It is a nice experience to chill out in the area~ The next part will be about the new "Old Hong Kong Street" in Ocean Park

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