Saturday, 30 March 2013

Spending ban - 30 days to gooooo!!!!

(photo from google)

This is my 10th week from spending ban (30 days to go, Yeah!!!) I cannot wait for the end of the ban where I can buy more stuff!!! ( I doubt that I will buy more as I still have a lot to clear to be honest)

I have not spent a penny on any beauty/cosmetics for 70 days and I was a bit surprised. I have now made an arrangement with a girl from US that at the end of the spending ban, I will do a swap with her. She is very kind and we have negociated to have $170 (USD) worth of product exchange. I have always wanted to buy things from USA and this is going to be the chance to try some Urban Decay, NYX and other USA products!

I have to keep it up and refuse to any spending!!!!!

My wishlist of the week:

I have been looking for foundations/bb cream and I think I will buy Make Up forever HD foundation as everyone suggests that it is good. However I will go to the counter and try it first :)

Let's keep it up if you are doing spending ban as well :)


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