Sunday, 17 March 2013

Help: Revitalise Skin Review

*This review is a sponsored post.
HELP: REVITALISE MY SKIN is a UK made anti-ageing oral suppliment. I have heard about this brand when I was in UK but didn't have time to try this. I am very happy that I have a chance to try this and review this to you all.

The suppliment contains CoEnzymeQ10, an anti-oxidant that can help the skin to be revitalised. Therefore a lot of beauty products/suppliments contain CoEnzymeQ10. HELP:REVITALISE MY SKIN has also added aloe vera, which has recover and moisturising effect. These two combinations added together, can become the best anti-agening oral suppliment.

The instruction given by HELP: REVITALISE MY SKIN is: 
It is a jelly oral suppliment, once a day for the first month (1 course) and then once per every 2 days, to keep the best effect.

In each box, there are seven sachets. Which is enough for a week of usage.

I really like the box because it tells you the nutrition value (which is needed in UK anyways), each serving is only 3.4 cal. Which is very little and healthy :)

The product was produced in HK and including the batch number. If there are any questions, the CS of Help: Revitalise Skin Review are willing to help. 

The jelly substance is a bit different from what I expected. It is like jelly drink more than the jelly we normally make from Robison or those Japanese jellies. The flavour is Apple, which is very nice.
After having the whole month of this supplement  I found my skin less drying and a bit firmed. When I put makeup on, I don't have to touch up as often as I used to have and the amount of concealer used is minimised. I highly recommend you to try it :)

Selling spots in UK: Boots, Superdrug, Waitrose, Holland & Barrett
If you are living abroad, you can visit:

Price:£9.99GPB (i.e. 7 days); £25.98/ 4 boxes (i.e. 28 days) 
If purchased more than £45, it is free shipping worldwide

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Let's Revitalise your skin together!

*This review is a sponsored post.


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