Tuesday, 19 February 2013

What happened to my skin? Acnes on body

I didn't know when this happened. I started having acnes on my body recently (after I have moved from UK to HK). I think this is because of the humidity in Hong Kong which causes all these breakouts. I have tried so many combinations of shower gel and the acnes didn't help.

Since I am doing a spending ban, I have experienced different beauty products on my body and see the effect. I have made different combinations and the one that I am going to share is the best combination so far for my skin and hope it will help you if you are experiencing the same problem as I do.

If you have any other good products that can cure the acnes, please share with me. Although this is the combination that I have been using for a month, I worry that the acnes will come back soon!!!!!

 Let's see what products I normally use

This is a messy bench on my shower room.
I normally use two cleansing products,
1. Innisfree Apple Juicy Liquid Foaming Cleanser
2. Evolve gentle melting cleansing gel

1. Innisfree Apple Juicy liquid foaming cleanser
This cleanser I got it when I was in Korea (back in 2011), I love the scent and I like what it does to my face. I have opened it for nearly two years and worried that it is bad for my skin now, so I use it as a 'shower gel' to my body.

I normally take 2 pumps for my upper back and chest. This is the amount for a pump.
Normally I will add water and rub between my palms to get the foams like the picture below.

On the days that I don't want to use the foaming cleanser, I will have the evolve.

I don't like the consistency and I don't think it does a great job on my face. So I didn't use it and left it on a side. I found that it does a better job on my body than my face... It does an OK job on my body leaving the skin hydrated.

After cleansing my back, I will have twice a week on using scrub. I normally use some salt mix with water to rub my back with an exfoliating gloves.

After cleansing other parts of the body with normal shower gel, I will come out and do my face routine. After finishing my skincare routine, I will start my body routine. Normally I put on lotion. But now, I have added more items to my routine.

1. I will use bioderma and a cotton puff to wipe the back and the chest twice.
2. I will pad the cotton pads (a new one) with Haba G-Lotion to double cleanse the skin
3. Apply body lotion

I find that the cotton pad is very dirty after padding both Bioderma and G-lotion. The cotton pad is yellowy grey colour and it looks disgusting. My skin is then refreshed a lot! and the acnes are kind of under control at the moment.

I would like to try different combinations. Please tell me how you cure this problem!


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