Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Day 39... Update on Spending ban

Hi, it's another update on my spending ban! For more information from the previous post, please visit here

I have been good these days for not spending any money on beauty products! I have used up my first item in the spending ban (not very efficient)

During these weeks, I have been reading a lot about what I am doing as a Marketer. This kinda occupies my time from going online and fetching for what is new and good. I have also realized that I have been eating quite a lot! Hopefully I won't gain a lot of weight!

Nothing special for what I am using at the moment to share. Maybe I will start a "favourite products so far" blog post for my 50 days of ban!

My aim is to finish more products within these 10 days before the next blog post on favourites :)

Things that I would like to get: Urban Decay palette that every one waved at the moment ;)


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