Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Day 39... Update on Spending ban

Hi, it's another update on my spending ban! For more information from the previous post, please visit here

I have been good these days for not spending any money on beauty products! I have used up my first item in the spending ban (not very efficient)

During these weeks, I have been reading a lot about what I am doing as a Marketer. This kinda occupies my time from going online and fetching for what is new and good. I have also realized that I have been eating quite a lot! Hopefully I won't gain a lot of weight!

Nothing special for what I am using at the moment to share. Maybe I will start a "favourite products so far" blog post for my 50 days of ban!

My aim is to finish more products within these 10 days before the next blog post on favourites :)

Things that I would like to get: Urban Decay palette that every one waved at the moment ;)

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

What happened to my skin? Acnes on body

I didn't know when this happened. I started having acnes on my body recently (after I have moved from UK to HK). I think this is because of the humidity in Hong Kong which causes all these breakouts. I have tried so many combinations of shower gel and the acnes didn't help.

Since I am doing a spending ban, I have experienced different beauty products on my body and see the effect. I have made different combinations and the one that I am going to share is the best combination so far for my skin and hope it will help you if you are experiencing the same problem as I do.

If you have any other good products that can cure the acnes, please share with me. Although this is the combination that I have been using for a month, I worry that the acnes will come back soon!!!!!

 Let's see what products I normally use

This is a messy bench on my shower room.
I normally use two cleansing products,
1. Innisfree Apple Juicy Liquid Foaming Cleanser
2. Evolve gentle melting cleansing gel

1. Innisfree Apple Juicy liquid foaming cleanser
This cleanser I got it when I was in Korea (back in 2011), I love the scent and I like what it does to my face. I have opened it for nearly two years and worried that it is bad for my skin now, so I use it as a 'shower gel' to my body.

I normally take 2 pumps for my upper back and chest. This is the amount for a pump.
Normally I will add water and rub between my palms to get the foams like the picture below.

On the days that I don't want to use the foaming cleanser, I will have the evolve.

I don't like the consistency and I don't think it does a great job on my face. So I didn't use it and left it on a side. I found that it does a better job on my body than my face... It does an OK job on my body leaving the skin hydrated.

After cleansing my back, I will have twice a week on using scrub. I normally use some salt mix with water to rub my back with an exfoliating gloves.

After cleansing other parts of the body with normal shower gel, I will come out and do my face routine. After finishing my skincare routine, I will start my body routine. Normally I put on lotion. But now, I have added more items to my routine.

1. I will use bioderma and a cotton puff to wipe the back and the chest twice.
2. I will pad the cotton pads (a new one) with Haba G-Lotion to double cleanse the skin
3. Apply body lotion

I find that the cotton pad is very dirty after padding both Bioderma and G-lotion. The cotton pad is yellowy grey colour and it looks disgusting. My skin is then refreshed a lot! and the acnes are kind of under control at the moment.

I would like to try different combinations. Please tell me how you cure this problem!

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Happy Chinese New Year

This is the fourth day of Chinese New Year.  This year has been very fruitful in getting a lot of red pockets.
Red pockets is one of the traditions of CNY. Red pockets are given by elder generation to the younger ones. Wishing them all the best and good fortune, as well as good health.
The tradition ones were having Chinese Characters of good wishes. In recent years, there are different versions of red pockets, in different colour, shape, as also cartoon characters! I saw one which is in Candy shape this year~

Wish you all the best and all beauty with healthy skin~ :)

P.S. the Chinese naming system to aunts and uncles are very complicated. If you would like to know more, feel free to comment below and I will have a blog post on that.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

100 days of suspension - Update on Day 24

This is Day 24. I have to say that these 24 days are very hard to pass. Not buying everything is very hard for me as I always cannot resist from buying! But I can proudly say that, I have not spend a penny on beauty and makeup products (+ clothes) in these 24 days.

The only things that I got were some books. I have not been reading books for years (except text books) and would like to get back to the habit of reading some.

Content Marketing for Dummies... It inspires me from writing good passages. Hopefully my writing skill will improve after reading it.

The one in middle is a tool book of 50 stuff that will make your salary grow without stopping. I think it will help me as I am a bit lost during my work~

The one on the right is a book that I have been looking for months. It's called Hitler's Private Library. I have been looking for it since my trip to Berlin. It records the books which Hitler loves and shaped his rules of Germany during the 3rd Reich. The original copy was in English, but it was too expensive to buy, so I got the Chinese version instead.

I got these books from Eslite, the new bookstore in Causeway Bay (not very new, happened to be there for a couple of months). Eslite is a Taiwanese chain bookstore and Hong Kong is the first oversea shop for Eslite. There were a lot of people there and very noisy. Not a good place to read books. Therefore I bought the books I wanted and left. Hopefully after a couple of months, there will be more Eslite bookstores in HK and the number of people there will be lesser, and a better reading environment can be created.

I don't think I have broke my rules. Have I?

Thoughts of the "Month" so far:
I am very slow at clearing the stock. I think I have to speed up. I have rediscovered some products and trying to finish them asap!


Shiseido Maquillage True Cheek (blush)
This is something that I would like to try because I like the packaging. The packaging is so slim and compact that I can touch up when I am out ;)

パーフェクトマルチベース BB。10時間化粧もち。化粧もち(よれ・薄れ・テカり)データ取得済み**。2.21発売。すべての肌色に合う万能色
This is the first bb cream by Shiseido. This is bound for me to try. I have tried Korean ones and they are a bit thick and grey for me. This one says that it is suitable for all skin colours. Therefore I am very interested in this.

トゥルーパウダリー UV。10時間化粧もち。化粧もち(よれ・薄れ・テカり)データ取得済み**。2.21発売
The new powder by Shiseido. The selling point for this compact is that the powder is as thin as 0.01cm~ I would like to see the power of it. From some of the previews, it said that this powder has a good coverage and long lasting effect~

I hope I would wait and buy them after my suspension ban.

Interesting thoughts of the ban:
If I happen to break the ban, I think I will be adding additional 10 days to the 100 days and start it all over again. This will make myself very tough from buying~

Other links of blogs who are currently doing bans:
Blog of Shadows

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Giftaway - 1 year anniversary~~~

This is my 1st anniversary for my blog. I have come up with three prizes, they are my favourites and would like to share with them. Since it is an international giftaway, and posting abroad is quite expensive, I have included some sample sizes instead of full size products.

1. Shu uemura cleansing oil

2. Box 1 

3. Box 2

There will be a total of 3 winners. The person who replies me first will be the one who can choose the boxes first.
Good Luck :)

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