Sunday 27 January 2013

Where do I normally store my makeup products?

I have just tidied the makeup drawer a little bit just before Chinese New Year, as I would like to have a fresh start in 2013 (although the tidying is after 1st Jan 2013)
This is my makeup drawer, where I normally store all my makeup. If I close the doors, it's a staircase to a spare bed in my room. Hong Kong is famous for tiny houses. That's why we have to try our best to find more space for stoage!

This was the before look of my makeup drawer.

This is the interior look of my make up drawer. it seems a bit messy but all the stuff are all stacked in place.
It is more organised now!

IT is a brief introduction on my makeup collection. If you would like to know more information and what kind of products that I normally use for a daily look, please feel free to comment below or send me request emails. Let's look at my makeup drawer section by section:

First of all, this is the far back of my drawer. All my stuff for tiding my hair is stored here. On the right hand side of this section, I store all the backups and makeup pallets.

This is my Go-to pallet if I have more time on makeup that day before work. I enjoy using it because there are lots of different colours to choose from and make a different look. The only downside that I found about this pallet is that the eyeshadow is easily fallen off. This might be because I have oily eye lids

This Kate Pallet is my go-to pallet if I don't want to have much colours on my eyes that day or I am in a hurry.

These are all my backups on makeup, a Fhysicians Formula healthy glow blush, a eyeshadow base, a NYX blush in peach, a RMK blush. I try not to keep a lot of backup as I worry that they will turn bad quickly.

In front of the eyeshadows are my eye products and lip sticks. All the mascaras, lip liners, eyeliners, eye curlers are stacked here.

In front of the eye products are my brushes for eyes. They are all stacked in the Sigma bunny lid.

Next to it is all the misc prodcuts. From the bottom left, it's my 2 base that I am currently mixing to create a hydrating and a slight coverage base/foundation. They both are from Shiseido. On the right is my Malani bronzer and Mac highlighter.
 Let's have a closer look at the top picture
From the top, it's the lipsticks, then it's the foundation sample. On the right is my RMK foundation.
From the bottome, it's the consealer and makeup base, then it's gel eyeliner and some mirror and the eyeliner brush.

On the far left corner are my face brushes.

This is the overall picture of my drawer again. Hope I can provide you some inspiration on how to store makeup products in a limited space :)


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