Tuesday 1 January 2013

New Year Resolution and New Layout

Hi to all, Welcome to 2013:)
2012 has been a fruitful year to me, and I am so much looking forward to 2013.

As you might notice, the first resolution of the blog is: a new layout!
Also there is a new domain for this blog: dorothyslittlewonderland.com!
Yeah~ finally I have launched a personal domain! Hope that it can grow bigger and bigger throughout the year!

There are some new year resolution of this blog:
1. Blog - Regular blogging is essential for me to you all. I have reduced the number of posts towards the end of this year. I didn't intend to do it.... However, the workload has driven me away from blogging world and I should spare more time on blogging again! My new year resolution is: Blog at least twice a week!

2. Update more variety of the posts. I am going to include some fashion, chitchat blog which can increase the interaction with you all. I like communicate with you :)

3. Trying to finish all the samples from my collection and do more reviews so that the variety will grow bigger and bigger =]


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