Sunday, 20 January 2013

100 days Ban of Buying

Since I have so much left from the heavy hauling in the past few months, I have stocked up about half a year or above stock (I think the amount of cleansers is adequate for 1 year+ use!)

I am up for this ban! Trying to finish as many products as possible, will update with your from time to time and at the end of the 100 days ban about what I have finished and my progress.

Rules as follows are simple: 
1. DO not allow to buy anything on beauty or makeup or nail vanishes. IF something runs out e.g. my foundation stock is only half full, then buy when necessary. There are 50 USD allowance on that. I will keep track what I have purchased and make sure it is not exceeding this limit
2. Getting free samples to test on is not affected by this 100 Day ban. I am sure that everyone cannot resist to try something which is newly launched. Getting free samples is not a kind of purchase. So it is allowed.
3. Cannot ask others to buy you anything, which is listed above. This is cheating!!!!

Stuff that I am planning to finish
1. 1 set of skincare (toner, day and night cream)
2. All the little samples that I have at home (mostly 7ml size)
3. A base
4. 2-3 bottles of cleansers

After cleaning these, I think I will give myself a break and continue clearing some other stuff :P
The next shopping haul might be April/May (during my Holiday or May Sale)

The ban starts on 21/1/2013 and will be ending on 30/4/2013.
(I know I am contradicting here, I try not to spend during my holiday!!)

Some other beauty bloggers are joining this game. I will link their blog down below:
Dahlia from DatYorkLoves
Sara in Pinky-in-pink
Ishah in Ishah X Beauty


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