Wednesday 10 October 2012

Okinawa haul

(sorry for the redness of the pictures, it was slightly off white balance)

Cotton on puff - I saw reviews that this was great, so I purchased one of these. It was about £2 for this packet.For the price, it is worth trying.

This was also £2 for the box of cotton wool.

Barrier repair mask. This is different from the ones I saw in Hong Kong before my trip. I think this is a new version of the HA (hydrunic acid)

Of coz, more masks:

This skincare set by Chifure is very cheap. It is about £4. The full size version is about 2-3 times this size and only selling for £5-7 for one bottle (200ml). If this is good, I am going to ask my friends to buy them for me from Japan.

Chasty brush - you can insert your favourite powder into this brush and apply the powder with the brush. This is for loose powder and touch up. This can reduce the amount of stuff you bring out and more handy.

Chacott Enriching powder - the powder is very soft and smooth. it provide a light coverage. For the price and quality, it is very worth buying. I am going to write a review on this when I have done a more throughout testing on the powder.


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