Thursday, 4 October 2012

Horrible Interview experience

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This blog post was inspired by Hakme's post on interview:

Her experience was similar to mine, but mine was slightly different.

I have been job hunting for months and finally got some interview call in. I was very fortunate that one of the companies had given me an offer. I am going to start my work soon. Meanwhile, some of the companies kept calling me for an interview. It was no harm to me to get more experiences, so I accepted the invitation for the interviews.

The man called on Friday for interview. It is a research analyst position for a well known football club in UK. I was very excited because I enjoy watching football and it is one of the dream football club for people to play for (I think this hinted too much, but o wells)

Back to the call, the man used a strange tone and accent talking to me. I appreciated that he tried his best to discuss the matter. I have politely answered his questions and pointed out that I would be out of town during the weekend. He then suggested a time via email. I replied and confirmed that the time he proposed was good to me. So I was preparing for the interview.

On the day of the interview, it was a phone interview, I waited at home 10 minutes before the agreed time. I was surfing the internet and reading newspaper on the tragedy happened in Lamma Island in Hong Kong. Time clicking and ticking.... still no call... I was wondering whether he received the email or not. I was trying to find the number to contact the person, but there weren't any phone numbers... So I waited and waited. It was 10 minutes late and the phone rang.

Man: Good morning, may I speak to Dorothy please?
Me: Speaking.
Man: Good morning, may I speak to Dorothy please?
Me: Speaking. I am Dorothy.
Man: Let me talk a little bit about my background... blar blar blar. Can you introduce yourself?
Me: blar blar blar
Man: I can see from your CV that you have done a lot of researches, can you explain them in detail?
Me: blar blar blar..... One of my research was doing a research on eHealth and see what are the potential channels that UK healthcare organisations can adapt to market to more people.. blar blar blar
Man: If I would like to market to Hong Kong  and China region, what can I do?
Me: I will pull together the systems from various countries and see what are the advantages and disadvantages of each system and try to find one which suits the specific region. I would get information from US, UK, Australia and other countries for cross referencing.
Man: So you are not going to get any Asia countries for references?

(Trying to be polite... Australia is part of Asian countries, and also I said other countries.....ok... starting to feel he is insulting my intelligence)

Then a few more insulting my intelligence questions... asking about my research methods and stuff....

The most insulting part is this:
Man: what makes you do this master?
Me: because I would like to develop my career in business administration and therefore I took this master which teaches me the different aspect and department of the company.
Man: I saw your transcript and you get 82% in Marketing Research but you only got 56% in Strategy. why was that?
Me: (how can I know why I got such a low mark?!?!?!? If the lecturers didn't like my approach to see some views then she will not give me marks)
Man: What was your research on in strategy?
Me: There wasn't any research, however, there was an assignment... blar blar blar
Man: So what have you done on your research?
Me: There weren't researches. The assignment was about blar blar blar ...... and it was a group work
(Studying doesn't have to be research =.=... have you ever done researches in business administration strategy module?)

Fine.... some parts I have forgotten. but the whole interview, I had a thought that he is trying to challenge every move I have achieved in my education background (because I have no working experience) and insulting my intelligence. he is asking questions over and over again and he didn't pay much attention to what I have mentioned. At the end of the interview, he said that he has lots of applicants and would inform me about the result by the end of the week.

I am going turn down the offer anyway because I have another job offer. But this experience was horrible and I o feel sorry for the football club hiring this recruitment staff who is impolite and unfriendly.

Do you have any horrible interview experiences???


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