Wednesday 10 October 2012

Okinawa haul

(sorry for the redness of the pictures, it was slightly off white balance)

Cotton on puff - I saw reviews that this was great, so I purchased one of these. It was about £2 for this packet.For the price, it is worth trying.

This was also £2 for the box of cotton wool.

Barrier repair mask. This is different from the ones I saw in Hong Kong before my trip. I think this is a new version of the HA (hydrunic acid)

Of coz, more masks:

This skincare set by Chifure is very cheap. It is about £4. The full size version is about 2-3 times this size and only selling for £5-7 for one bottle (200ml). If this is good, I am going to ask my friends to buy them for me from Japan.

Chasty brush - you can insert your favourite powder into this brush and apply the powder with the brush. This is for loose powder and touch up. This can reduce the amount of stuff you bring out and more handy.

Chacott Enriching powder - the powder is very soft and smooth. it provide a light coverage. For the price and quality, it is very worth buying. I am going to write a review on this when I have done a more throughout testing on the powder.

Sunday 7 October 2012

Sofina beaute sample kit review

This Sofina Sample kit was a swap with Nardine in Japan back a few months ago (her blog: Bunny and Spice). I have to say special thanks to her because she was looking everywhere for this sample kit for me. I was so touched when she told me that she found this for me.  I didn't have chance to test it when I first got it coz my Kose Infinity has not been used up. After I have hit the bottom of my Kose skincare, I have started using this and it didn't dehydrates my skin but doesn't have much big effect onto my skin.

The sample kit contains a toner, a night cream and a day cream with SPF 30, PA+++. This sunscreen is very good because it protects our skin from both UVA and UVB, which can cause sun burn to our skin.

I have used it for 2 weeks and about 25% left in the bottle. I am pretty impressed with the size and the amount of product it can be tested. I particularly find the toner is quite cleansing when I wipe it over my neck area. The cream was OK to be honest. I have to rave the suncreen day cream. It is not oily and prime my face before putting make up on. I do notice that my forhead is a bit flakey sometimes after using this cream, but overall it smooths the foundation and can last quite well.

I have to say that I won't give it a miss, worth trying if you have combination skin like me. However this combination might not be moisturising enough during winter times. Hope you find this little review helpful.

Saturday 6 October 2012

September Empties

It's a bit late for September empties.
I have emptied quite a few full size products (finally) and would like to share what I have emptied with you.

1. Benefits b.right! radiance skincare kit
i used to adore the skincare and changed my prospective of Benefits as a brand. I used to think that benefits is not very suitable for my skin type and the products are not that great in quality. What I paid for was the packaging. However, this skincare kit really hydrates my skin. Towards the end of the samples, I found that my skin starts burning and I stopped using it. I am kind of allergic to the fragrance added. I have then stopped and skin became much better. Due to the reaction happened to my skin, I am not going to repurchase this skincare range again.

2. Hadalabo hydrating lotion

This was raved on youtube and blog world in Asia. I bought this and the toner. I didn't feel much great experience with this lotion. I didn't find it moisturising my skin at all. I would give this a miss.

3 + 4. Kose Infinity lotion + toner

I have finally finished this set~ it lasted for 3-4 months. I think it does worth the money and I have stocked up spare ones~ I am going to update with some new range soon~

5. Ayuuri Rose shower gel

I enjoyed the scent of it. However, the packaging is not user friendly. I always pour too much shower gel and wasted because the shower gel was very liquid and runny. So far so good but I wouldn't repurchase for the price.

That's kind of the end of the empty list. There will be more updates on beauty and travel soon. I am trying to find a balance between work and blogging at the moment. Do you have any suggestions? As well as that, what have you emptied last month? Do link me or comment below :)

Friday 5 October 2012

Cavern Journey on the boat

Cavern Journey on the boat
From the previous post (click here to review), I mentioned that I regretted from buying the joint pass. The reason was that, the queue was very long. There were only 2-3 boats operating at the same time. Each time we had to wait for 15 minutes for the next boat. Each boat can get about 10 people in. It was about 20 people queuing at the beginning. However, there was a big chunk of Muslin family came by. Some of their members queued for them while the others walked away. We waited for nearly 2 hours in order to get into the cavern.
Friendly tips: if you would like to visit more caverns, I would suggest that you go to this one first!
Cavern Journey on the boatit was a mining cavern before. This underboat journey is a journey where you can experience how the miners go to work everyday...
Cavern Journey on the boatCavern Journey on the boatCavern Journey on the boatCavern Journey on the boat
I was fortunate to see the caverns, but I would prefer camping around 

Looking for the Cavern - The Devil Arse

Looking for the Cavern - The Devil Arse
Looking for the Cavern - The Devil Arse
Looking for the Cavern - The Devil Arse
The first cavern that we went to was The Devil's ArseLooking for the Cavern - The Devil ArseLooking for the Cavern - The Devil ArseLooking for the Cavern - The Devil ArseLooking for the Cavern - The Devil ArseLooking for the Cavern - The Devil ArseLooking for the Cavern - The Devil Arse
Looking for the Cavern - The Devil ArseWe bought the joint cavern. However, we regretted.... Why were we regretted? Stay tuned and you will knowLooking for the Cavern - The Devil Arse(student price)
Looking for the Cavern - The Devil ArseLooking for the Cavern - The Devil ArseLooking for the Cavern - The Devil ArseLooking for the Cavern - The Devil ArseLooking for the Cavern - The Devil ArseIt was very dark because it used to be a place of mining. The interior of the cavern is very wet. There were about 500 people living in this cavern and they were very poor. The living condition was very poor and there were lots of transmitted diseases back then. The water they drink is the water which drops from the top of the cavern and these water is used for washing, drinking, cooking... and in bad days, they had to drink the wee as well ><
After visiting this cavern, we went to another one. 

Thursday 4 October 2012

Horrible Interview experience

(google images)

This blog post was inspired by Hakme's post on interview:

Her experience was similar to mine, but mine was slightly different.

I have been job hunting for months and finally got some interview call in. I was very fortunate that one of the companies had given me an offer. I am going to start my work soon. Meanwhile, some of the companies kept calling me for an interview. It was no harm to me to get more experiences, so I accepted the invitation for the interviews.

The man called on Friday for interview. It is a research analyst position for a well known football club in UK. I was very excited because I enjoy watching football and it is one of the dream football club for people to play for (I think this hinted too much, but o wells)

Back to the call, the man used a strange tone and accent talking to me. I appreciated that he tried his best to discuss the matter. I have politely answered his questions and pointed out that I would be out of town during the weekend. He then suggested a time via email. I replied and confirmed that the time he proposed was good to me. So I was preparing for the interview.

On the day of the interview, it was a phone interview, I waited at home 10 minutes before the agreed time. I was surfing the internet and reading newspaper on the tragedy happened in Lamma Island in Hong Kong. Time clicking and ticking.... still no call... I was wondering whether he received the email or not. I was trying to find the number to contact the person, but there weren't any phone numbers... So I waited and waited. It was 10 minutes late and the phone rang.

Man: Good morning, may I speak to Dorothy please?
Me: Speaking.
Man: Good morning, may I speak to Dorothy please?
Me: Speaking. I am Dorothy.
Man: Let me talk a little bit about my background... blar blar blar. Can you introduce yourself?
Me: blar blar blar
Man: I can see from your CV that you have done a lot of researches, can you explain them in detail?
Me: blar blar blar..... One of my research was doing a research on eHealth and see what are the potential channels that UK healthcare organisations can adapt to market to more people.. blar blar blar
Man: If I would like to market to Hong Kong  and China region, what can I do?
Me: I will pull together the systems from various countries and see what are the advantages and disadvantages of each system and try to find one which suits the specific region. I would get information from US, UK, Australia and other countries for cross referencing.
Man: So you are not going to get any Asia countries for references?

(Trying to be polite... Australia is part of Asian countries, and also I said other countries.....ok... starting to feel he is insulting my intelligence)

Then a few more insulting my intelligence questions... asking about my research methods and stuff....

The most insulting part is this:
Man: what makes you do this master?
Me: because I would like to develop my career in business administration and therefore I took this master which teaches me the different aspect and department of the company.
Man: I saw your transcript and you get 82% in Marketing Research but you only got 56% in Strategy. why was that?
Me: (how can I know why I got such a low mark?!?!?!? If the lecturers didn't like my approach to see some views then she will not give me marks)
Man: What was your research on in strategy?
Me: There wasn't any research, however, there was an assignment... blar blar blar
Man: So what have you done on your research?
Me: There weren't researches. The assignment was about blar blar blar ...... and it was a group work
(Studying doesn't have to be research =.=... have you ever done researches in business administration strategy module?)

Fine.... some parts I have forgotten. but the whole interview, I had a thought that he is trying to challenge every move I have achieved in my education background (because I have no working experience) and insulting my intelligence. he is asking questions over and over again and he didn't pay much attention to what I have mentioned. At the end of the interview, he said that he has lots of applicants and would inform me about the result by the end of the week.

I am going turn down the offer anyway because I have another job offer. But this experience was horrible and I o feel sorry for the football club hiring this recruitment staff who is impolite and unfriendly.

Do you have any horrible interview experiences???

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