Thursday 6 September 2012

Moving Home

Sorry for not updating for quite a while. I have been busy writing my dissertation as well as packing my stuff and ready to move. Dissertation has finally handed in (hurray) and now left with things to pack. I didn't notice I have purchased so many things in the past year that I cannot carry everything with me. I had to as for shipping my goods away as well as having the blog sale... Thanks so much for purchasing from my blog sale :)

Two more days until my next trip..... this time I am flying out of Europe to Hong Kong for vacation. Then 14 hours after my arrival, I will be travelling to Japan (one of my favourite countries in the world! and more shopping). I am going to enjoy the heat and sun (going to Okinawa)... stay tuned to my blog for further updates :)

Thanks for your support and will be sharing my trips and skincare very soon :)
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