Tuesday 26 June 2012

Wishlist: Loreal Limited Edition Miss Candy lipstick and lipgloss

Loreal is launching/has launched the Miss Candy range, which is a limited edition. In UK at the moment, we are able to get the lipgloss. The lipgloss is very summer-y

                                        Glam Shine
                                Miss Candy - 710 Pink Treat
                                        Glam Shine
                                Miss Candy - 701 Bubble Pink

                                        Glam Shine
                                Miss Candy - 709 Miss Candy
                                        Glam Shine
                                Miss Candy - 703 Tart Lollipop
They are Pink Treat, Bubble Pink, Miss Candy and Tart Lollipop (from left to right then down)

The lipstick is the Colour Riche Nu Trishine range

(all photos are copied from the net)

The colours are amazing. Hope that they are going to launch in UK soon!!! :)


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