Monday, 4 June 2012

Random: Have you tried cold cup noodles???


I saw this advertisement a couple of days ago and would like to share with you all. This cup noodle brand is my favourite one. I have also been to its museum in Osaka. I loved the instant noodles that produced from this company - Nissin Food.

There are two flavours, one is original and one is Chili and Tomato. I would like to try the light original one ;) I used to have one of these noodles three times a week when I was about 15. However, I soon realised that it contains high kcal and that it will narrow the bloodstreams. Therefore I stopped. This light version only have 198kcal and I am so desperate to try this! If you are in Japan or planning to Japan soon, I would suggest you to check it out for me and write me a report!!! Would like to know how it taste like and the differences between the traditional ones ;)


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