Saturday 16 June 2012

Mini haul from

I have tried another postal service - Parcel Force this time, which is  worse than the normal one.  It takes a long time to receive and the charging system is appaling. After the 2 weeks of long wait, I have finally received my items ;) The custom charge is more than the normal one too.. £13.50 (handling charge) + 20% VAT! And they have charged me £5 more on VAT! I am going to write a claim form on this.Mini haul from Sasa.comThe Sekkisei travel kit. It is from the brand that I love - KOSE. I have heard that this line is very good and I couldn't get hold of any samples everywhere. Therefore I buy this set to try out before I buy the normal full sized product ;)Mini haul from Sasa.comThe RMK anniversary set. I am so excited. I cannot wait to try the cleansing balm and the foundation. I have tried the cleansing balm form the Selfridges counter and I am in love with the smell!!!!! I will try the base and foundation soon. I really like the fact that the foundation is very light and liquid-y.Mini haul from Sasa.comShiseido White Lucent sample set. I have heard that this is their star products. I need some whitening products during summer because I will be exposing under the sun quite a bit while I am traveling. Whitening will do for removing the dark spots and the imperfection. 
I am so looking forward to try these products. I buy them all in sample/travelling size because I would like to try more other products in a limited amount of time. I will update any information about review and how I like the products as soon as I have used them.
I have also got more masks to try as well :) Some mask review posts will be coming soon! Watch out for that too :) Please feel free to leave comments and tell me what do you think about these products or which Asian Skincare brands do you love the most~

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  1. I used white lucent before but somehow my skin was sensitive to the product but it's probably just me. I do wanna see your review of RMK and sekkisei. Heard a lot of good things about them!


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