Thursday 3 May 2012

Mission: Walking from Munich main train station to the old city?

After putting the luggages in the hotel and a little rest, we decided to set a task for ourselves: walking from the hotel to the old city of Munich (Alt Stadt).

Starting point: the train station is behind us!

On our way, we can see lots of people walking and a big Kaufhof (department store).
It is near the Karlsplatz

Cross the road is a nice spacious place

And I notice this funny poster on the McDonald's window:

"Open 23 hours"
Normally we see powders which are open 24 hours in McDonalds (a few do in UK) and this one closes one hour everyday! What a cool poster from the normal one we see!

Next to McDonald's is a gate to the Shopping street:

When we enter the gates, we are entering the old town of Munich!

There are lots of shopping centres around and we didn't pay much attention to those because our goal is not shopping! Please don't ask what we bought!!!

I think I should end here today, leaving with this cute fountain...
More to come tomorrow about the churches on this shopping street!

It took us 5 - 10 minutes to walk from the train station to this point!


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