Thursday 17 May 2012

Collective Birthday haul #4 - Elemis TSV

Elemis was on QVC about two weeks ago. This deal is very cool therefore I hauled this (I know I shouldn't have done so but who can resist?)

The box actually arrived on my birthday - what a great birthday gift for me!
The box with a QVC logo on top and with Elemis printed on at the side

It was nicely wrapped with the instruction booklet inside the box

All the products are stock in the purple bag~ I love this bag so much :)

1. Elemis Pro-collagen advanced eye treatment 15ml

This Elemis eye product is the new invention. It won't be out until June this year (from Keeley). I am so excited to try this!

2. Quiet Mind relaxing bath elixir and skin nourishing shower cream

The two bath products that I enjoy using in the body range.

3. Melting cleansing gel

This cleansing gel is my favourite along with the Emma Hardie one (Review) and Eve Lom. They are the close tie. I normally use this in the morning and the Emma Hardie or Eve Lom one in the evening.

4. Rehydrating Ginseng toner

I have been using the apricot toner, and cannot wait to try this ginseng one!

5. Pro-collagen marine cream

I have tried the one in tube and it's moisturising my skin so well. I cannot wait to see whether there are any difference in the tube one or this pot one! :)

6.  Cellular recovery skin bliss capsules X14

There are 14 days supply of the capsules. I wonder whether I am going to use it or save it for my mum :)

7. The wash bag

Overall picture of 8 products (including the bag)

Overall comment:
I didn't regret from buying this! I love the products from Elemis and I think this can last me for 3-6 months. The deal was about £50 including shipping and I think for the amount of product (5 of them are full sized products), it's a bargain! I will definitely do more review on that!


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