Friday 11 May 2012

Collective Birthday Haul #2 (birthday swaps)

I have had 2 birthday swaps from Beauty Box Swaps (Facebook page)... but one I forgot take photos about it.. >< Sorry Maria.. I do love your box but cannot recall what you sent me (since I received so many items recently!)

This one is from Sharon.

A lovely birthday card from her

All wrapped nicely together

I really love the chocolate~~ thanks sweetheart~

Two face masks.. she must have known taht I love face masks a lot!! didn't know that H&M do face masks... Will definitely try them and write reviews on that.

Then I started unwrapping... Max factor Translucent powder.. This is what I asked for... A translucent loose powder!!! Yeah!! I can have new ones to use!
I have never tried maxfactor before.. hopefully it's gonna be good

No.7 Hot Cloth cleanser.. I am sure that she read my blog and knew that I love hot cloth cleansers!!! I have one on my shelf untouched.. More to stock up :)

I really think Sharon can read my mind... I am looking for eyecreams and I found she sent me one!

Dove rich nourishment cream.. I love dove creams a lot ;) they are so soft and silky

and then move to some more make up items

I have always gone into Superdrugs and wanted to buy MUA products.. couldn't really decide which shade I should get, and now Sharon chose one for me and I am very happy about it!! I cannot wait to start using it (although have about 6 blushes in the drawer)

Sleek blush~~~ in Pixie pink.. I was jumping up and down my room.. Have always wanted to buy Sleek ones but my local superdrugs is ALWAYS out of stock...

Bourjois 123 perfect foundation
I have heard a lot of good reviews about the healthy mix foundation, hopefully this one will be good as well!! I cannot wait to start trying these~~

An overall picture.
Comments: I am very pleased and thanks very much Sharon.. it's very nice of you. I really do think that you can read my mind and know what i am looking for!! Hope you will like the one I sent you as well :)


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