Monday 7 May 2012

Collective Birthday Haul #1 (pressie from home)

Thanks everyone for the birthday present!

First of all, I got a parcel from my mum. She got the stuff for me from Japan

These are cotton buds which are used for removing eye makeup! I am delighted to get this and I can remove makeup very easily!

Visee eyeshadow pallet... I really like the design of the packageing! it's so nice and grand

Some favourite crisps that i enjoy the most!!! I will treasure these until I really have to have them!! Cannot stop eating them at home!

A limited edition of Kitkat. I think it's some kind of berry cake flavour!

Pokky chocolate sticks!!! My other favourite Japanese snacks!!!

Soba and Udon :)

Chocolate :)

Clothes from Lowrys Farms :) I'm loving those

A pair of shoes

Rilakkuma File

I really have to thank my mum who haul all these for my birthday~ This is my first of the collective haul and more to come... stay tuned for more exciting birthday gifts :)


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