Friday 18 May 2012

Church's tour around Karlsplatz

The first stop is Marianischen Männerkongregation (Bürgersaal zu München). It is a historical building of the "Citizen's Hall". We were not allowed to take any pictures inside because it was having service. (since we visited was Good Friday)

On the other side, about 2 minutes walk from Bürgersaal zu München, it lies teh St. Michael Church (Michaelkirche). Since the outer walls are under renovation, there is a opening hours table on the wall:

The outside look of the church (if not renovating):

(From wikipedia)

St. Michael church is the largest Renaissance church in the north of Alps. It shows the Baroque architecture (which I really like). The church was built during the Reformation in 1580s.

My favourite Organ :)

After visiting the church, we walk down the street

New shops at the bottom and the old look at the top and surrounded by two new, modern style buildings.

Further blogposts discussing the food there~ Stay tuned in this blog for more detail!

Then comes the Frauenkirche ( Dom zu Unserer Lieben Frau ) (in English, Cathedral of our dear Lady).
There was a mass when we went in, therefore we didn't visit the inside of the church.

This church is the landmark of the Munich city centre because it has a tall tower ;)
It was constructed from red brick in the late Gothic style, but without any Gothic ornaments.

The street where most of the churches lies is a shopping street in Munich. There are lots of different creatures.
Very modernised design compared to the old churches

some street performers ;)

About 5 minutes walk and arrives at Marienplatz


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