Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Big happy birthday to me!

Let's share my makeup look for today (brithday make up look) ;)

Makeup look: 
Foundation: MAC NC20
Loose powder: Shu umerua 7YR light
Eyes: Kate eyeshadow pallet BR1, Maybelline gel eyeliner,
Brow: Innisfree Brow pencil
Blush: Collection 2000 02 Bashful
Lips: Revlon lip butter Cupcake

This is my first time posting my face on blog.... I am sooooo scared :)

You might ask, what are your birthday wishes? This is my 23rd birthday and I have a to-do/wish list:
1. Find a decent job that I like, currently still seeking for one. Would like a job which flies around the world... considering flight attendants but I don't think I will like it though
2. Visit Maldive Islands
3. Get married before 30
4. Try to learn different dishes (cooking)
5. Travel to every earth in Japan!
6. Stay happy everyday
7. Learn more languages
8. Stay healthy and exercise enough
9. Try not to stock up things too much! (I am a big shopper!)
10. Visit more places around Europe, e.g. Berlin, Prague
11. Buying things from outlet without paying!
12. Haribo everyday and night!
13. have a balance of work, life and play
14. Get to know more bloggers in this blogging world
15. Try not to be lazy on skincare work!
16. Be a better listener
17. Be more organised!
18. Find a place to live near work in future
19. Grow my nails before I chip it!
20. Try to go to places or buy things with coupons
21. Best wishes to my followers
22. Grow my blog into a larger community
23. No more wars!!!!

Hope everyone have a nice day! and wish the sun will stay for the whole day!
(95% of my birthday is in rainy days)


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