Sunday, 15 April 2012

Review: Too Faced Shadow Insurance

The above picture shows the texture of the too faced eyeshadow primer

I got this from buyapowa a few weeks ago. It was on live and I got it at the price of 9 pounds (noramlly retailed at boots at 16.50) (or in a set). Sometimes lookfantastic will have sales on it too. I am impressed with this product!

It is a lotion type and easily blend-able to my eyelids. This amount is enough for two of the eyelids. I enjoyed using this one~ It makes the eye shadow and the eyeliner stays longer on the lid without smuggling or fall off. The other effect that I noticed that is it brightens up the eyelid and if I apply it in my under eye area, it also covers a bit of the dark circles (save me from using the concealer). I like the fact that it provides a matt finish, coz I am not a fan of glitters :) It can last for 4-6 months I think. If you are in the UK or can get hold of too-faced, I suggest you give it a go! Unfortunately I cannot get it from my local Boots :(

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