Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Review: Revlon Lip butters

This was hauled at the end of last month Blog post link: (LINK)

I have decided to trade away Macaroon and Creme Brulee because I have way too many lip sticks (i think 5 at the moment) and I don't think I can finish them!

I have been using Cotton Candy and Peach parfait a lot recently (nearly everytime when I put make up on)

This is peach parfait

and on the lips

Swatches of peach parfait and cotton candy on the right.
Cotton candy is more a pinky shimmer to me

applied on my lips

I like peach parfait more and wear a lot when I go to parties  and cotton candy when I am doing a no-makeup makeup daily look~

Normally I apply lip balm underneath and the lipstick lasts all day. I have been enjoy using them and I cannot say anything about their price and quality~ It worth every penny I think :)


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