Thursday 26 April 2012

Review: Priming your eyes? Canmake Eyeshadow base

(please forgive my fingerprints because I forgot to take a picture before I use it :P that's silly of me I know)

It is a eyeshadow base that has been talked a lot in the blogger world and in youtube.  I hauled this in my Massive Japanese Haul.

Canmake is a famous Japanese drugstore brand with high quality. It is part of the IDA Laboratory Ltd. This is the first canmake product that I own myself. For the price I got for this base, I think the quality is much better than those in Boots or in Superdrugs in UK.

This is the claims that I copied from the website.

Just apply to improve the color of your eyeshadow and make it last longer.
A magic eyeshadow base that will improve the color of your eyeshadow ☆
● This creamy base will provide just the right amount of coverage in a color that will blend in well with your skin, enhancing the color and translucence of your eyeshadow.
● Harmonizes with your powder eyeshadow to enhance the pearl effect and improve the color.
● Improves the adhesion of your powder eyeshadow to your skin, making it last longer.
The carefully calculated soft texture prevents smudging!
● This cream with just the right degree of softness prevents your eyeshadow gathering in the crease of your eyelids.
● The first touch goes on with a moist texture, but changes to a dry texture as you blend it into your skin.

HOW TO MAKE ♥ Eyeshadow Base

I like the website that they show you how to apply the eyeshadow base. Although it's a small tutorial, it is easy to understand and understand how it's being used.

I agree with the claims that the website said what the base does. It makes my eyeshadows and eyeliner last longer on my lids without falling off and smuggling and enhance the colour looked on my face.
I also like the fact that it's matt finish. normally Japanese cosmetics are full of glitters and shimmers.

The texture of the eyeshadow base:
It is a nude creamy texture and very pigmented on the skin. I noticed that there is some kind of oily texture which is easy to for the base to slide and sit on the lid.

Picture before and after I apply the eyeshadow base:


You can see my eyes are brightened.
I also apply it as a concealer to my undereye area and I noticed that it brightens up my under eye area without drying out and produce any fine lines ;)

The only disadvantage of this is that you cannot really get Canmake products in UK except on Ebay or some merchants online and they normally retailed higher the price. The trusted website of mine is, an operator from Hong Kong. The price is about 10p higher than the retail price in HK. It is better for you to buy in a big lot because the shipping is quite expensive.

Hope you enjoy the reivew :)


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