Friday, 27 April 2012

Mystery box????

I got this box today in my post... I wonder what this is. I haven't ordered anything online and am curious what I have received.

And..... It's the April Glossybox!

The theme this month is Earth Day Edition!

The box is soooo different from the pink ones we used to have and I really like the themed boxes. Although it's a bit late to celebrate Earth's Day but it's never worser than not celebrating it!

I really appreciate the effort that Glossybox put in for everyone this month. This is the first box where Glossybox and Carmine merge together! It's a big supprise for me!
All the products and the boxes are biodegradable and Earth-friendly. I cannot say how much I love the boxes!

What are the items that I've got?

1. Ayuuri Coconut body wash

The Ayuuri Natural body wash is based on fruit, plant and flower extracts that have long been used in India to enhance skin's natural beauty.
I discovered this brand this morning when I was browsing what I can have for my next body wash! I was supprised when I receive this! However, I would like to swap to different scent. If you have other smells other than coconut and you would like a swap, please contact me!

2. Figs & Rouge Lip balm

Everyone got one of these in the previous beauty boxes (I think it's the Jolie box) and I was going to try this. It's my favourite smell - Rose! I read so many good reviews about it. I cannot wait to try this and I think I will fallen in love with this too!

3. Caudalie Vinosource SOS Thirst-Quenching Serum

As you know i have finished lots of tubes of Caudalie body cream. I am happy to try more of its products! It is a newly-launched ultra-concentrated serum which is natural and plant-based, which moisturising my skin. I will definitely trying this tonight and see how it works for my skin!

4. KAI Purfume oil

This perfume oil smells very Spring but I think it's too old for me. I was shocked that it's worth 41 pounds for 3.6ml of products!!! That's very expensive!!! I think the smell will stay longer than other perfume because it's oil and can absorbs better into the skin.

5. Inika Cosmetics Eyeliner in Peacock blue

This is a pencil eyeliner. Blue isn't a colour that I will use to be honest. Would prefer some brown or black colour eyeliners. Inika is a brand that I would like to try, and I think I will get the voucher code and buy some other products which suit me better.

This is an overview of what I got this month from Glossybox. I am quite impressed dispite I don't really like the products. I was thinking to unscubscribe it but I think I will change my mind because it's the 1st anniversary of Glossybox next week and I am hoping to see what they will offer their subscribers.


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