Wednesday, 1 February 2012

M&M World - London 
Leicester Square, London WC2, United Kingdom 

M&M World is situated near China Town, in a newly refurnished W Hotel.

I really love this chain of M&M's

There are total of 4 levels and you can smell M&M all over the place~~~ It seems that you have entered the chocolate wonderland!

The colour is of France's national flag

The bottles are arranged according to their colour

And also the mugs!!!

M&M drinking water!

The lift is full of M&Ms too~

Christmas edition:

I love this logo~~ Represents UK!!!!

All about M&Ms

Souvenir coins

Different colours of Mix and match!

or in colour order!!!

You can also buy tools to play with!

And they have clothes too!

This is the lab, they do customised M&M items~

This reminds me of my high school chemistry and my Biochemistry laboratory life! And they have even got the Periodic Table of M&Ms

Also, there are some M&M figures in the landmarks 

Feel free to visit the shop if you have time in London around Piccadilly Circus and China Town


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