Friday 27 April 2012

is the food nice in the memorial site?

I decide to skip the long story in the Concentration camp memorial site to a latter part of my blog because we all want happy things.

We walked around the memorial site for 3 hours and we were tired and soaked because it was raining non-stop and we were outside!

We were a bit hungry and decided to have lunch at the cafe.

You were expecting food will be expensive because it's supposed for tourists and families. But YOU ARE WRONG! The food are relatively cheap and in decent amount!

1. White sausages with curry sauce and chips (Curry Weißwurst mit Pommes)

2. Apple Stundel (Apfelstundel)

All together it was 9euro! what a nice deal!

The food tasted amazing with the price!!!! It was a bonus to us to be honest because we thought we would have to pay 10 pounds per head eating there!


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