Thursday 12 April 2012

First flight with Lufthansa

Woke up at 3in the morning and left home at 4am to catch this 0640 flight. We didn't have any checked in baggage and there weren't a lot of people at the custom because the flight was too early.

Haven't been to Heathrow T1 for ages (last time was 2004 I think went I flew back to HK with BA one last time before switching to my favourite airline: Cathay Pacific)

The plane is very tiny, Airbus 318 if you want to know the model :) There is no personal TV but it's ok I think because the flight is only for 2 hours. The refreshment on the flight doesn't taste good. But very generous to give out drinks... We asked the flight attendants to refill the drinks several times during the flight :)

We arrived at Munich Airport T2, it was quite cold outside. When we move out the terminal, we saw this orange rocket... it's soooo cute :)
This is how the T2 of Munich airport looks like~ with a big Lufthansa banner on top :P



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