Thursday 19 April 2012

Facial Masks - Introduction

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Face masks - a very important step to women in the skincare routine. Different masks have different effects.

1. Peeling mask
It is a gentle mask to remove the dirt and dead skin on the surface. It helps absorbing the products you apply afterwards, especially serum and cream

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There are different peeling masks in the market, including chemical peels (AHA acid peels), and gentle ones (with smaller molecules than scrub). Peeling 1-2 times a week is more than enough for a normal skin person. For oily skin, maximum of 3 times per week. If you have ance prone skin, try advoiding the acid peels and also do not apply the products in affected area.

The consequence of over peeling will increase the chance of getting allergic reactions and damaging the normal regeneration of skin cells. It will have negative effects to the skin rather than beneficial ones.

I would suggest people with sensitive and dry skin to use face peels that are more gentle. I have done a review on a face peel before (Innisfree wine peeling softner).

Another Peel that I suggest is the LRB one, but you can only get it in facial shops.

If you are in the UK, you can try the Emma Hardie cleansing system. I bought it in March in the haul, and will do a detailed blogpost about it when I know more about the effects. You can get it online or in SpaceNK.

2. Deep cleansing masks
I don't suggest sensitive skin people to use this often (once every 1-2 weeks is enough) . For dry skin people, once every week and for oily skin with maximum of 2 times per week. The cleansing masks help remove the dirt from deep under the skin and it helps providing a good and healthy skin.

I am still using this Borghese green clay mask. But I am nearly finished with it. Therefore I am trying to find some better ones to use. If you have any good deep cleansing mask that you like, please share with me :)

NOTE: I would classify scrub as deep cleansing masks as well because the physical rubbing can also remove dirt from deep down under the pore!

3. Hydrating mask

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There are different forms of hydrating masks. I use hydrating masks every 1-2 days (depending on my mood)

I am quite lazy, therefore I normally use sheet masks / gel masks which I don't have to wash off after applying it. I always do hydrating mask straight after I deep cleanse or peel my skin to pump back some water into the skin.

These are sheet masks that I own (I think it's half of the amount I have at the moment to be honest)

This mask from Hada Labo is my favourite all time. This hydrates my skin very much and minimises the pores around the cheek. However it is not available in UK.. Have to find some ways to get it from Asia!

Origins Drink Up - intensive

Apivita Express gold with Prickly pear

Origins Drink up intensive and Apivita Express gold with prickly pear are cream masks that you have to wash it after applying it. There are more steps but the effect is much better than sheet masks

4. Whitening mask

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I don't normally use whitening mask, but would like to try some. Any good suggestions for whitening mask?

5. Lotion Mask
A quick hydrating mask for SOS.

Hope you will be more familiarise with masks after reading this post and I will share more about facial mask reviews in the future! :)


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