Monday 30 April 2012

April Empties + Mission successful or failed?

Remember my mission of the month? Check it out if you missed it: Mission: Things to be finishing before 30APR 2012

I have to say this month is a slow months, nothing much to review to be honest.

I managed to finish 2 items in the mission. Can you guess which 2 did I finish?

1. Cabtree & Evelyn Rose Water hand cream

I love Crabtree & Eyelyn hand cream and this one is my 5th tube I think. I have been using this massively because the weather is too dry and my hands need a lot of moisture. I have rose water drawer papers too. I love the smell of Rosewater, however, my favourite smell is Summer Hill!

I think the texture of the hand creams are the same across the line and the flavour is different. I love the smooth texture and the smell last for hours :) I will definitely repurchase this!

2. Kose Lotion Concentrate II (Toner)

This is my first skincare item that I hit to the bottom for few years. Haven't finished one toner that I love for perhaps 2 years. I normally switch my skincare routine in the middle because I don't like the effect.

One of my best friends introduced this brand, Kose, to me and I am IN LOVE WITH IT!!!!! I started using this since the middle of January and I spared 30ml to one of my friends. It lasts forever and love it very much! It also finishes at the right time of the season, which I can use Lotion Concentrate I (which is a lighter, less moisturising formula) which is more suitable for Spring/summer season!

2. Weleda Pomegranate Creamy body wash
This came in the Christmas Carmine box. It has a strong pomegranate smell and I love it. The texture is creamy and I haven't tried something like this before. But with the price I think I have other choices and I think I will repurchase it as a luxuary item instead of something I will use everyday.

I did also said that I will finish some samples and do a reivew:
I haven't finished using the Natural Elements but I did a review on it because my skin was getting worse and I have to stop it. to review, please check here.
The other sample that I had to review is Comfort zone ones from the She said beauty box. I didn't manage to use it because I have seen bad reviews on it. My skin is super sensitive and I didn't risk trying it. Sorry about that.

So.. This month's mission is... a..... MISS!
Hope I can keep up wit the empties next month.. This month I am not doing well :(


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