Monday 30 April 2012

April Empties + Mission successful or failed?

Remember my mission of the month? Check it out if you missed it: Mission: Things to be finishing before 30APR 2012

I have to say this month is a slow months, nothing much to review to be honest.

I managed to finish 2 items in the mission. Can you guess which 2 did I finish?

1. Cabtree & Evelyn Rose Water hand cream

I love Crabtree & Eyelyn hand cream and this one is my 5th tube I think. I have been using this massively because the weather is too dry and my hands need a lot of moisture. I have rose water drawer papers too. I love the smell of Rosewater, however, my favourite smell is Summer Hill!

I think the texture of the hand creams are the same across the line and the flavour is different. I love the smooth texture and the smell last for hours :) I will definitely repurchase this!

2. Kose Lotion Concentrate II (Toner)

This is my first skincare item that I hit to the bottom for few years. Haven't finished one toner that I love for perhaps 2 years. I normally switch my skincare routine in the middle because I don't like the effect.

One of my best friends introduced this brand, Kose, to me and I am IN LOVE WITH IT!!!!! I started using this since the middle of January and I spared 30ml to one of my friends. It lasts forever and love it very much! It also finishes at the right time of the season, which I can use Lotion Concentrate I (which is a lighter, less moisturising formula) which is more suitable for Spring/summer season!

2. Weleda Pomegranate Creamy body wash
This came in the Christmas Carmine box. It has a strong pomegranate smell and I love it. The texture is creamy and I haven't tried something like this before. But with the price I think I have other choices and I think I will repurchase it as a luxuary item instead of something I will use everyday.

I did also said that I will finish some samples and do a reivew:
I haven't finished using the Natural Elements but I did a review on it because my skin was getting worse and I have to stop it. to review, please check here.
The other sample that I had to review is Comfort zone ones from the She said beauty box. I didn't manage to use it because I have seen bad reviews on it. My skin is super sensitive and I didn't risk trying it. Sorry about that.

So.. This month's mission is... a..... MISS!
Hope I can keep up wit the empties next month.. This month I am not doing well :(

Sunday 29 April 2012

Review: Healthier younger looking skin?

I got this from my post about two weeks ago. And I would really want to have healthier, younger looking skin!

and I noticed it's by St. Ives...

What is it??? I recalled that I filled in the form on St. Ives' Facebook page a couple of weeks ago... will it be the scrub that I am after?

I was super excited!

Yes it is and a voucher comes along with it!

It says on the tube:
Non-irritating dematologist tested 100% natural extracts.
From the UK's #1 Scrub brand, this invigorating apricot scrub deep cleanses, instantly leaving skin smooth and glowing

This is the St. Ives Invigorating apricot scrub

This is the first St. Ives product I use after they rebranded. The last product I used was the body lotion 6 years ago I think.

I really like the Apricot smell and I couldn't wait to try this new scrub!

On the tube it said use 3-4 times per week for best results. However I think I will be exfoliating too much with it. So I use it twice a week.

I really like the texture, the scrub beads are small and gently when applied on the skin with a creamy texture. I haven't used a scrub like this and this changes my view on scrub.

I can notice that this scrub does an amazing deep cleansing job which cleans the black head on my nose and also leave me with a smooth texture. When applying and massageing, the apricot scent  just relaxes me so much and I don't want to wash the beads away!

I will definitely recommend this to you and will purchase it when I run out of this scrub! This has been added to my things to buy list ;)

If you have received this sample or have any review, please leave in the comment box below :)
bye for now and see you soon!

Friday 27 April 2012

Mystery box????

I got this box today in my post... I wonder what this is. I haven't ordered anything online and am curious what I have received.

And..... It's the April Glossybox!

The theme this month is Earth Day Edition!

The box is soooo different from the pink ones we used to have and I really like the themed boxes. Although it's a bit late to celebrate Earth's Day but it's never worser than not celebrating it!

I really appreciate the effort that Glossybox put in for everyone this month. This is the first box where Glossybox and Carmine merge together! It's a big supprise for me!
All the products and the boxes are biodegradable and Earth-friendly. I cannot say how much I love the boxes!

What are the items that I've got?

1. Ayuuri Coconut body wash

The Ayuuri Natural body wash is based on fruit, plant and flower extracts that have long been used in India to enhance skin's natural beauty.
I discovered this brand this morning when I was browsing what I can have for my next body wash! I was supprised when I receive this! However, I would like to swap to different scent. If you have other smells other than coconut and you would like a swap, please contact me!

2. Figs & Rouge Lip balm

Everyone got one of these in the previous beauty boxes (I think it's the Jolie box) and I was going to try this. It's my favourite smell - Rose! I read so many good reviews about it. I cannot wait to try this and I think I will fallen in love with this too!

3. Caudalie Vinosource SOS Thirst-Quenching Serum

As you know i have finished lots of tubes of Caudalie body cream. I am happy to try more of its products! It is a newly-launched ultra-concentrated serum which is natural and plant-based, which moisturising my skin. I will definitely trying this tonight and see how it works for my skin!

4. KAI Purfume oil

This perfume oil smells very Spring but I think it's too old for me. I was shocked that it's worth 41 pounds for 3.6ml of products!!! That's very expensive!!! I think the smell will stay longer than other perfume because it's oil and can absorbs better into the skin.

5. Inika Cosmetics Eyeliner in Peacock blue

This is a pencil eyeliner. Blue isn't a colour that I will use to be honest. Would prefer some brown or black colour eyeliners. Inika is a brand that I would like to try, and I think I will get the voucher code and buy some other products which suit me better.

This is an overview of what I got this month from Glossybox. I am quite impressed dispite I don't really like the products. I was thinking to unscubscribe it but I think I will change my mind because it's the 1st anniversary of Glossybox next week and I am hoping to see what they will offer their subscribers.

is the food nice in the memorial site?

I decide to skip the long story in the Concentration camp memorial site to a latter part of my blog because we all want happy things.

We walked around the memorial site for 3 hours and we were tired and soaked because it was raining non-stop and we were outside!

We were a bit hungry and decided to have lunch at the cafe.

You were expecting food will be expensive because it's supposed for tourists and families. But YOU ARE WRONG! The food are relatively cheap and in decent amount!

1. White sausages with curry sauce and chips (Curry Weißwurst mit Pommes)

2. Apple Stundel (Apfelstundel)

All together it was 9euro! what a nice deal!

The food tasted amazing with the price!!!! It was a bonus to us to be honest because we thought we would have to pay 10 pounds per head eating there!

Thursday 26 April 2012

Review: Priming your eyes? Canmake Eyeshadow base

(please forgive my fingerprints because I forgot to take a picture before I use it :P that's silly of me I know)

It is a eyeshadow base that has been talked a lot in the blogger world and in youtube.  I hauled this in my Massive Japanese Haul.

Canmake is a famous Japanese drugstore brand with high quality. It is part of the IDA Laboratory Ltd. This is the first canmake product that I own myself. For the price I got for this base, I think the quality is much better than those in Boots or in Superdrugs in UK.

This is the claims that I copied from the website.

Just apply to improve the color of your eyeshadow and make it last longer.
A magic eyeshadow base that will improve the color of your eyeshadow ☆
● This creamy base will provide just the right amount of coverage in a color that will blend in well with your skin, enhancing the color and translucence of your eyeshadow.
● Harmonizes with your powder eyeshadow to enhance the pearl effect and improve the color.
● Improves the adhesion of your powder eyeshadow to your skin, making it last longer.
The carefully calculated soft texture prevents smudging!
● This cream with just the right degree of softness prevents your eyeshadow gathering in the crease of your eyelids.
● The first touch goes on with a moist texture, but changes to a dry texture as you blend it into your skin.

HOW TO MAKE ♥ Eyeshadow Base

I like the website that they show you how to apply the eyeshadow base. Although it's a small tutorial, it is easy to understand and understand how it's being used.

I agree with the claims that the website said what the base does. It makes my eyeshadows and eyeliner last longer on my lids without falling off and smuggling and enhance the colour looked on my face.
I also like the fact that it's matt finish. normally Japanese cosmetics are full of glitters and shimmers.

The texture of the eyeshadow base:
It is a nude creamy texture and very pigmented on the skin. I noticed that there is some kind of oily texture which is easy to for the base to slide and sit on the lid.

Picture before and after I apply the eyeshadow base:


You can see my eyes are brightened.
I also apply it as a concealer to my undereye area and I noticed that it brightens up my under eye area without drying out and produce any fine lines ;)

The only disadvantage of this is that you cannot really get Canmake products in UK except on Ebay or some merchants online and they normally retailed higher the price. The trusted website of mine is, an operator from Hong Kong. The price is about 10p higher than the retail price in HK. It is better for you to buy in a big lot because the shipping is quite expensive.

Hope you enjoy the reivew :)

Wednesday 25 April 2012

Mission: Battle of cleansers

As you can see, I have quite a lot of different cleansers: water form, gentle foaming, leave in lotion cleanser, two in one cleanser and mainly hot cloth cleansers.

I started using hot cloth cleansers since January this year and I soon fell in love with it. In the next few posts, I will be updating with the cleanser and do a battle among the cleansers.

Comparison will be between:
1. price
2. volume and how long it last
3. texture
4. Effect
5. ingredients.

If you are interested, please stay tuned and there will be updates soon!
Please feel free to leave any comments in the comment box below of what kind of cleansers you want to be compared with, e.g. Emma Hardie and Liz Earle one.

See you in my next post.

Dorothy xx

Tuesday 24 April 2012

Putting on facial mask without a mask?

Do you actually put on facial masks like this? You can find different forms of facial masks in the market, they come in cream, liquid, sheet, gel forms.

If you know me well, you will know that I am a mask geek. Skincare means a lot to me and I invest a lot of money to find out good masks.

Today, I am going to share one of my favourite steps in my skincare routine. I normally do it in several occations:
1. When I don't want to put on an actual facial masks
2. When my face is a bit dry (with dry patches) in the morning
3. When I don't want to wash off after putting masks on
4. When I am in a hurry

What is a Lotion Mask/toner mask?
Lotion mask is a mask which is quick and boost up your water level when you have shortage of time. All you need is some cotton and toner of your favorite brand

Some brands, like KOSE, does little tablets where you soak one of the tablet into the toner and it will become larger and put it on your face.

I know it's hard and expensive to get hold of these little ones in UK. Therefore I am introducing an easier and more user friendly method.

Cotton Wool.
The one I am using is by Kose (HKD30 for 180 pieces)
The one by Boots is good too. I have tried the baby one.
(Please click on the photo for more detail)

I have various toners for different purpose:
These are my toners for hydration and the following one is for whitening:

The toner for today is the KOSE Infinity Serum Concentrate II which I mentioned in my skincare routine. For more details, please click here.

How can I create the lotion mask?

1. pump the toner onto the cotton
2. Normally I pump 4 pumps on the cotton and it's enough to soak the whole cotton as follows
3. Then tear the cottons apart as so
The KOSE one and Boots one, I can make 5 pieces of cotton out of one big cotton, which is enough for my whole face.

4. Take one of the cottons and pinch two holes in it
One hole is for mouth and one is for your nose to breath. If you want to apply the lotion mask for mouth, then one hole is enough. (little tip: for better effect, you can put a thick layer of lip balm before the lotion mask and it'll have a better effect.)

5. Apply one layer on forehead, one layer on the left and one on the right hand side of the cheek and one at your chin.

6. Leave the cotton on for 3 minutes then remove the mask. Massage the excess into the skin. 
7. Then continue with your normal skincare routine

It looks very complicated but when you are more familiar with it, you will like it better.
I have found a youtube video for you about this toner/lotion mask. It explains better than I do :)

Hope you enjoy the post and leave me any comments if you have any questions or share your views.

Monday 23 April 2012

Waiting for a giveaway?

Waiting for a giveaway? It's a great news for you:

My favorite Rilakkuma ;) (the brown one) is holding a giveaway on my behave to celebrate my 2X birthday ;)

The items include is as follows:

A Gel mask, a eye mask, a hand cream, a ELF black eyeliner, a pair of false lashes. Of course, there are some unrelieved items in the giveaway!


Good luck everybody and hope you enjoy!

It is an international giveaway :)

Happy birthday.... GiadaBeauty

(from google image)

Happy birthday, GiadaBeauty~ Giada (also known as Chloe) is one of the bloggers that I chatted the most throughout these few weeks. We share blogging tips and I am happy for her that she is doing a great job in blogging! It's her 2X birthday today and I would like to use this opportunity to wish her a happy birthday and enjoy your first one in UK!

Chloe is doing a birthday giveaway on her blog too, check here for more information. Good luck to those who entered (me too :))

Wish you all the best and hope you will keep up your work :)

Did I manage to get the freebie???

(Read more)
I've brought two of my used skincare to Origins and arrived at my local House of Fraser to support the event. I was hoping to get the Starting Over cream.

I arrived at 9:30am and the staff kindly gave me and my friend a card to fill in details. While we were filling in, a woman came in and got the cream before filling in the form. I wasn't noticing because I was hoping the get the starting over cream. I did ask before getting the cream whether I can get the starting over one and the staff said yes.

Then another staff handed the last Starting Over cream to that lady who didn't even filled the form. And I wasn't being able to get it. It was my bad luck but I think the system should be better. I understand that the cream is first come first served basis and to be fair, I think I should be able to get the Starting Over cream.

I was disappointed, but these are the two I've got.

I have tried before, didn't really like it, it makes my skin flakes :(
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