Monday, 26 March 2012

Review: Loreal Super Liner Perfect slim eyeliner

To know more about the comparison with KOSE Espirque eyeliner (To review: LINK)

I have been using it for a week. I think it gives a pigmented black on the eyes. It is fine enough, but not as fine as the Espireque eyeliner. I quite like the finish of the liner and it dries quite quickly. However after wearing for 3-4 hours, it starts to flake and fall off, which is quite annoying coz I don't normally go to the toilet and topup the makeup.

I have tried several different ways of using it and the effect (flaking) is the same.
1. just apply the eyeliner on its own
2. apply eye primer then the eyeliner
3. apply eye primer + eye shadow then eyeliner

I cannot prevent it from flaking.. I don't think it is waterproof at all either. I think I have to leave it alone or re-visit it after a while. Probably winter will be a good time to test again. :)


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