Friday 30 March 2012

Review: Innisfree wine peeling jelly softner

This is a product I bought from Korea last June. It is kind of a peeling gel with a fruity wine smell to it. And the texture is very thick as seen in the picture below

Just for your reference: the cotton pad is from KOSE, and I always use it to do toner mask :P
The consistency is think and without any little blubs to it. The texture is smooth and comfortable on the skin, not much fraction~

After massaging it onto the skin, there're white bits left on the hand, they are the dead skin that have bee peeled off.

You can see the before and after photo, the skin is cleaner and brighter than before. I apply it once every week or two weeks on pop of my normal peeling routine.

The down side of the product is that you have to rinse off with water afterwards and the little peeling white strips are quite hard to removed throughout because sometimes the tiny ones tends to stick onto the skin.

I might repurchase this problem because it is cheap (about 10 pounds) and I like the smell :) But I would like to try some more products (as usual)

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