Thursday 15 March 2012

Review: eye/lip Makeup remover

I am not the sort of person who put make up everyday. However the weather is changing and the skin has become very sensitive with opened pores. This is very annoying. Caring skin is very important to me and especially eyes area. This post is all about eye/lip makeup remover in the market

I will be reviewing 5 makeup removers
1. Innisfree Apple Juicy purchased in Korea last summer - Price: about £6
2. Simple wipes got from Nardine twitter: @Miss_Nardine Blog:
Please check her out, she is amazing!!!! - Price: £3.99 from boots
3. Waitrose Pure gentle eye makeup remover from valentines mystery swaps - Price: £1.94 from Waitrose
4. Shiseido eye/lip remover - Price: £23 from House of Fraser
5. Taaj from February Jolie box - Price: £17.47 for 500ml (the one that I had is 100ml)

In this post, I will have swatches on the back of my hand and I poured the makeup remover on a cotton pad and apply to the stroke. Each have been used at the same way and the result is after two wipes on the stroke. I work from the bottom to the top. Therefore the top line of the result is #5 and the bottom line is #1 makeup remover respectively.

Test 1:
Gel eyeliner: Bobbi Brown - Long-wear gel eyeliner in Sepia Ink 2

This is a picture on the left is before, and right is after
As you can see, the Simple wipes are not doing the job properly.

Test 2:
 Pencil eyeliner - Shiseido Maquillage (Japanese version) black liner
All the makeup remover do a great job!

Test 3: Kose Esprique liquid liner
The Tajj one didn't do as good as the others. But I took a big effort to wipe the eyeliner for the other ones except Shiseido one which only take a simple gentle wipe to take it off

I am quite impressed with Innisfree's one for the price. The waitrose one doesn't do a great job with waterproof liners and need extra effort when I remove the eye makeup during the night. The Taaj one does a OK job. The best result is by Shiseido. It leaves a natural and smoothing finish~ it worth the price i think

The worse of all is the Simple one and I will not repurchase it again because of its quality. Waitrose's one is half of the price but does a better job than it!


  1. I <3 kiko cleansing oil light, it's amazing!! It removes waterproof make up so easily, including mascara and eyeliner. With most other cleaners I've tried I've had to really scrub to remove products like Benefits they're real, which then really irritates my eyes :( Kiko just melts it all off (in a nice way lol) and is so gentle on my skin. Would definitely recommend :)

  2. Fab review and blog btw :) (Jessica Boakes from bbs) x


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